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Pro League Season 8 Delayed due to Technical Issues

ESL formally announced that the first week, and all subsequent weeks, of Pro League would be delayed by a week.

Pro League Season 8 Delayed due to Technical Issues

With the first playday seemingly around the corner, many were preparing for the week of action.  Today, however, ESL released a statement detailing the delay of Pro League, citing a technical issue in the latest patch.  Previously, we have seen the effect of bugs, rehosts, and other game issues have effects on players and match results, so ESL has decided to delay the first week of play.




With each region being delayed one week, the first playdays are now as follows:

North America June 18th
Latin America June 20th
Asia-Pacific June 20th
Europe June 21st



The first week will kick off with some exciting action, and you can view the matchups for North America and Europe in our schedule reveal articles.  Most notably, we will see a grudge match between the British lineup of i don't know head up against the Swedish of Chaos.


When Season 8 does kick off, make sure you keep up with the action with our Twitter updates, YouTube highlights, or the official stream!