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North American Pro League Season 8 Schedule Revealed

Get the first look at the North American Pro League matchups

North American Pro League Season 8 Schedule Revealed

UPDATE (June 15, 2018):

Unfortunately, after the writing of this article it was announced that all competitive Rainbow 6 events have been delayed until further notice. This change is due to "unforseen technical issues" and at the time of this update, Ubisoft has not released any new dates for the following matches. You can see the official announcement here.

With a new format on the way and six months of matches to look forward to, the North American Pro League schedule for Season 8 has been revealed. The action begins on Monday June 11th at 7pm EDT with a mix of household names and new challengers.


The night starts with Rogue, now back with their full starting roster, taking on SK Gaming. We then go to Mouseports facing off against a Noble team who has turned heads with their performance at DreamHack Austin. Following that will be an Evil Geniuses squad who is looking to continue their dominance of the North American regular seasons, against a recently adjusted Obey roster. To conclude our opening night, beastcoast will go head to head against Spacestation Gaming, who is coming off a promising performance against eventual DreamHack champions Millenium.


You can see the full schedule of matches below, and remember to check out our previous articles on the European and APAC schedules, as well as a more in depth look into the new Pro League format and ruleset changes.