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BitterSweet: You can expect us to make Challenger League without any doubt

We spoke with the new roster of BitterSweet about their team's inner workings and goals.

This week, BitterSweet re-entered Rainbow Six with a new roster and hopes to work their way back to the highest levels of play.  You can read the full article about their roster here.  After their pickup, we spoke to them about the squad's inner workings and goals moving forward.


How has the team chemistry and synergy been in the time as a squad?

All the players on our team have different levels of comp experience, but despite the variety in experience, our personalities and play styles mesh very well together. We have been playing against top tier Pro League teams and have been able to hold our own against them even taking some maps off of them. At first, we were trying out different individuals to be part of the team, but the five that we have settled on are the ones that is going to take us into Challenger League and be a top tier challenger league team. Our comms are clear and helpful, we have the right people on the right roles, and we’re definitely going to be a force to reckon with.


How are the internal roles set up within the team?  Who is the IGL, the primary entry, the designated roamers, etcetera.?

Gotcha is the IGL for the team and plays second entry on offence and flex on defense. Spades is our primary entry and is one of our designated roamers on defense. Remorce is our anchor in site and flex attack player. Dazzle is our primary breach on offense and designed roamer on defense. And lastly, Oasis is our anchor on defense, typically as smoke, and on offence he plays our second breach if we need one and flank watch.


What can we expect as spectators from this new Bittersweet team in the coming months?

You can expect us to make Challenger League without any doubt and doing very well against every challenger league team out there. We will be a fierce contender to enter into Pro League next season. We play very dynamically and very disciplined at the same time so we’re definitely going to be a fun group to watch!


Thank you to BitterSweet (@BitterSweetGG) and their roster of Remorce (@Remorce_), Gotcha (@R6Gotcha), Spades (@SpadesR6), Oasis (@R6_Oasis), and Dazzle (@DazzIe__) for their time!