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New Pro League Format Information Revealed

Ubisoft announces details about Season 8’s map pool, overtime and bomb site rotation changes.

The most substantial change in the upcoming Pro League season is a decrease in the active map pool from nine to seven maps. Included are Bank, Clubhouse (the new reworked version), Villa (the newly introduced map), Coastline, Border, Consulate, and Oregon. This means Skyscraper, Chalet and Kafe Dostoyevsky were removed.

Additionally, each week Ubisoft will “ban” two maps from the pool in match. This will be the 2 maps the teams played the week previously meaning that only five out of the seven maps will be eligible to play per game. Viewers potentially benefit from the diversity in viewing and gameplay experience.

Another significant change relates to the available bomb sites that a team can select. Previously, when defenders successfully protected a bomb site, Pro League rules blocked teams from re-selecting that site for one round. This was increased to a 2 round lock. This means teams will need to deepen their strat book and include more bomb sites from a minimum of two to a minimum of three in every map.

Finally changes were made to the overtime rules in Siege. Overtime will not exist in the regular season and matches may end in draws; however, at LAN events when a game is tied to 5-5 a team must win 2 rounds in a row to win, with teams swapping sides every other round.

These rules will come in effect when Season 8 of Pro League kicks off on the week of the 11th of June. You can see the rest of the format changes here.

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