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Who won the Six Invitational 2022?

Who lifted the hammer in 2022?

Image via Ubisoft/@joao_ferreria

The Six Invitational 2022 has concluded, and it has a victor: TSM FTX. 

The North American squad was in the upper bracket nearly the entire way through the tournament, but was knocked to the lower by Team Empire after a 1-2 loss. 

Through a marathon final day, TSM FTX knocked out FaZe Clan and then got their revenge against Team Empire, finally lifting the SI hammer at the end of the day. 

TSM FTX journey in Rainbow Six Siege

TSM FTX entered the Rainbow Six Siege in 2019, and three years later lifted a hammer. 

They picked up the former Excelerate Gaming roster, and added a key piece: Jason "Beaulo" Doty. 

After some initial struggles in 2019, TSM FTX came into its own in early 2020. They made top three at SI 2020, and then top four at SI 2021 following a year off from global events due to the pandemic. By far and away, they were one of North America's greatest teams following SI 2020. 

TSM FTX struggled during the 2021 regular season. They failed to qualify for the Sweden Major, and a positive COVID-19 diagnosis for SI 2022 SiegeGG MVP Bryan "Merc" Wrzek prevented TSM FTX from having their full roster at the Mexico Major. 

Nevertheless, TSM FTX prevailed at SI 2022 despite having to play in the qualifier for a spot. They defeated the likes of Mirage, 1shot, and Parabellum to qualify through the SI Closed Qualifier. 

Who is TSM FTX?

TSM FTX has teams in all sorts of games, but is most known for their League of Legends roster. The "TSM" acronym stands for "Team Solo Mid," a League of Legends strategy. They also have rosters in VALORANT, Smash, Apex Legends, and more. 

By and large, TSM FTX is one of the largest North American-based esports organizations. They rode the wild popularity of League of Legends into a massive profile in many different esports, and are now at the pinnacle of Rainbow Six Siege. 

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