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Six Invitational 2022 MVP: Merc

Bryan “Merc” Wrzek is SiegeGG's MVP of the Six Invitational 2022.

At one point in the year, TSM FTX looked dead in the water. They were forced to qualify for the Six Invitational through the open qualifier. 

The deciding factor in the Qualifier was a role swap – moving Bryan “Merc” Wrzek to the IGL role allowed TSM FTX to breeze through the NA Qualifier. 

Statistically, and with the intangibles factored in, Merc is SiegeGG’s Six Invitational 2022 MVP. He was excellent in the fragging department, he was excellent in leadership. By all metrics, measurable and immeasurable, he was the most valuable player at SI. 

He boasts a 1.15 SiegeGG rating across the event, tied with teammate Matthew "Achieved" Solomon, and leads the entire field on opening kills with a 62-30 (+32) differential. Merc was also the fourth-highest in terms of K-D.

TSM against FURIA - stats (in order) Rating, K-D, Entry, KOST.

During a tight matchup against FURIA, Merc was crucial. His one vs one victory on Oregon’s final round sealed the win, pushing TSM FTX on to the next round of the playoffs. Over the course of the match, he dropped a whopping 33 kills and a 1.28 Rating. Without Merc’s team-leading efforts in the match, FURIA could have defeated TSM, dropping them to the lower bracket and changing the complexion of the entire tournament. 

“For so long, you watch everyone compete in these tournaments. You watch people lift the hammer, and you want that to be you. …You work hard, and you make the dream come true, you know?,” Merc said in a press conference following TSM FTX’s victory over Empire.

TSM against Empire - stats (in order) Rating, K-D, Entry, KOST.

Merc was vital to TSM’s world championship win in the grand final as well, netting a 1.22 Rating after dropping 53 kills across four maps. Achieved scored a 1.25 Rating, but Merc’s new role gave him the edge in the grand final, and in our overall SI 2022 MVP running.

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