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Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover update brings Zofia to REACT

Zofia has a few changes but remains an aggressive operator.

Rainbow Six Extraction's first-ever content drop, a Crisis mission called Spillover, is here and it includes the addition of Zofia. The Rainbow Six Siege operator will be joining REACT in their fight to take down Archaeans and stop the alien invasion. 

Zofia Bosak's father is Jan Bosak, a respected former commander of the Polish Special Operation Forces Unit, GROM. After excelling at her father's extracurricular training, Zofia passed the GROM selection test with the highest possible scores. 

Zofia developed extensive skills beyond hand-to-hand combat and shooting, particularly focused on survival, sabatgoe, and field medicine. She ultimately single-handedly evacuated hundreds of civilians during a rescue mission in Guatemala. 

"Zofia brings a unique tool kit that is quite useful for the Crisis Spillover. We wanted to include a new operator whose design fit well with the content release and found that she was a solid addition to the roster," Rainbow Six Extraction developers told Siege.GG. 

Like most Rainbow Six Extraction operators, Zofia has some changes to her kit. While Rainbow Six Siege is a PvP game focused on stopping terrorist attacks, Extraction has three operators fighting against AI aliens. 

In Siege, Zofia has a KS79 LIFELINE that creates electronically triggered projectiles that fire both concussion and impact ammunition. Enemy operators will have impaired hearing and become dizzy after getting hit with the concussion ammunition.

In Extraction, Zofia has a grenade launcher that has two grenades: Impact and Archaean Stun Grenades. She can also withstand when downed and has a natural resistance to shock and sensory effects. 

These changes will ensure Zofia is less afraid of facing aliens face-to-face. Her grenades will disrupt incoming alien attacks as well. Zofia is sure to be a disruptive addition to any team, keeping Archaeans at bay during tough missions.