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Fenix Esports to compete with Toski and Luxor at the SI 2022 Closed Qualifiers

Eleven months later, Toski is back to professional Siege after being banned for poaching.

Fenix Esports will compete in Sweden with a completely different line-up to the one they were going to use in Brazil.

Eduardo “Luxor” Ortíz, who was dropped from the Mexican team after the Campeonato Mexicano Finals, has made his way back to the roster. However, that’s not all, as ex-Estral Esports player Oscar “Toski” Sepúlveda will play in Pedro “BOPE” Monge’s place, according to an announcement from the official Rainbow Six Esports LATAM Twitter account.

Toski received a 9-months ban for poaching in March 2021. Estral Esports, his old team was also completely banned from the scene for “match throwing”. This is Toski's first appearance in a tier-one competition since the ban.

The Mexican player was part of Estral Esports when the team was one round away from competing at the Six Invitational 2021. He is now reunited with Daniel “P1XIE” Castelo, Estral’s only former player with Fenix until today. 

With these signings, Fenix Esports expects to hijack the Brazilian hopes to have six teams of their own in the Six Invitational 2022. 

Fenix Esports is, alongside MIBR, waiting for a team in the final bracket. The team will eventually face one of the teams in the group stage, which will come out of Black Dragons, Malvinas Gaming, Furious Gaming, and ex-Atheris Esports. 

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