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Ranked Rainbow Six Siege to require players' phone numbers to play starting Y7S1

The measure is intended to stop "cheater re-entry".

Image via SiegeGG

According to a post from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, additional measures to player identification are coming to slow the swell of hackers and smurfs in Ranked ques. 

Beginning next season, players will be required to link their phone numbers to their Ubisoft account in order to access the Ranked function. While not completely stamping out cheating, Ubisoft is hoping that this will "slow cheater re-entry after being banned", as well as effectively decimate smurfing. 

The moves are sure to be greeted with praise from the community, who have been furious about the state of Ranked for some time. Cheaters plague high-elo matches, and have begun to proliferate in lower ranks over the past months. 

While this measure assuredly won't be the end of cheating in Ranked, it's a solid step forward to what seems like an impossible problem to solve. 

Fighting cheating, for a developer, is like playing "Whack-a-mole": the second you beat one problem, another pops up. Requiring players to have phone numbers tied to their accounts will hopefully mean that more cheaters who get banned, stay banned.