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Team Oplon Picks Up rxwd as Fifth

Rxwd replaces Meechy on the newly demoted Challenger League squad of Team Oplon.

Rxwd has been on a number of teams since he started playing in S1, the most successful of which being BeGenius with whom he won the S5 Challenger League. Following that, the team was eventually disqualified 2 games into the S6 Pro League due to a usage of banned macros by his teammate, Shaiiko.

He will now join jahk, spokeN, aPPOX, Aherys and DraZ (their coach), and will be replacing Meechy in Team Oplon who had left 2 weeks prior following their 2-0 defeat to idk in the Pro League relegations. Oplon’s next game will be in 3 months time when Challenger League resumes.