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Who are the worst operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

With Rainbow Six Extraction finally out, let's have a look at the worst operators in the game.

Having a good and balanced team of operators in Rainbow Six Extraction is important to succeed in this game. Although we are talking of Siege operators, their abilities have experienced some changes to become the Archaeans kryptonite.

Although the quality of an operator depends on how it is played, there are some that fall a bit behind the rest of the team. In this article, we will have a look at some of the worst operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

What are the worst operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Among the 30 operators in Extraction, we have chosen three. Let's have a look at them and why we think these are the worst operators in the game.


Although Pulse's Cardiac Sensor might sound appealing to some extent, the truth is that it isn't a game-changing tool. 

Firstly, operators already have the REACT Light to see nests and Archaeans through soft walls. It clearly doesn't make Pulse's Cardiac Sensor obsolete, but you can live without it. 

Secondly, Pulse's gun kit isn't the best, especially for beginners. His shotgun doesn't have access to a suppressor, which is fundamental in Extraction. Furthermore, he unlocks Thermite's iconic 556XI at level 9.


IQ has four weapons to choose from as its primary gun. That's a very cool thing to have, so the experience with her in the team will always be a bit different. Among these four we find the GSG9 shotgun and Bandit's MP7.

However, her gadget doesn't add much to an Extraction squad. It helps at finding ammo, health boosters, and REACT supplies around the map, but you can find those without her help. The maps are big indeed, but you still shouldn't struggle at finding those.


This might be controversial, but I don't see his ADS' as useful as you could think they are. They intercept projectiles and get rid of enemies within a certain area, but I feel like there are better operators in the game.

Just as with IQ, his weapon set is very usable — so you can always count on Jäger. But honestly, I feel like a Gridlock equipped with some Field Walls will be better than him, especially considering that she has an LMG in her weapon kit.

Can these Rainbow Six Extraction operators be improved?

Luckily, these operators can get good by improving their initial weapon sets. Pulse gets better with Thermite's 556XI, while Jäger also is improved once he gets another primary weapon. 

In order to do that, you must play the game first with these operators to improve their weapon sets by leveling up. Guns are really important, so operators with LMG's are welcomed in any possible line-up. 

That's why operators like Fuze, Finka, Capitao, Ela, or even Lion — who has a 50+1 gun in his V308 — will probably become popular in the game.