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Sources: Astralis has benched Retro

A source indicated that this might not be the last change Astralis makes to their starting lineup.

Image via SiegeGG

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Astralis has benched Alexander "Retro" Lloyd with the intent to release him when the transfer window opens. 

One source indicated that this might not be the only change Astralis makes to their starting lineup as they prepare for NAL's 2022 season. The source also indicated that Astralis's priority will be to find a coach after Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski's departure before making further changes to their lineup.

Retro won Pro League Season 3 playing with Continuum, and won Dreamhack Montreal 2018 with Cloud9. He was a long-time member of the Reciprocity core before joining Disrupt. 

Astralis will have a significant amount of time to make their decisions before the transfer window will open on Feb. 21 and run until March 6. Regional competitions will return after the conclusion of the transfer window. 

Astralis struggled during their inaugural stage under the Astralis banner. They finished seventh in Stage 3 of NAL after Disrupt Gaming was acquired by Astralis and Astralis NA was created. 

Disrupt finished fourth in Stage 1, and would've qualified for an international Major had the Six Invitational 2021 not been postponed. They finished fifth in Stage 2. 

Astralis was knocked out of each SI open qualifier by "FPL Queens", a team thrown together before the qualifier with no formal scrimmage experience.