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XSET releases nvK, Creators

XSET officially parts ways with two of its remaining four players.

XSET releases nvK, Creators

Image via SiegeGG

According to a post from the organization's Twitter account, XSET has released Nathan "nvK" Valenti and Tim "Creators" Humpherys. 

Earlier in the month, XSET announced that it would not be retaining Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis as a coach either. 

XSET currently has only two signed players officially on their roster: Christian "Prod" Gauch and Dillon "Razorr" Presley. Their fates are unknown. 

The XSET roster was relegated to Challenger League by Parabellum in a 3-0 sweep on Dec. 12. 

XSET never truly got on their feet during a tumultuous 2021 year. They finished last in NAL during Stages 3 and 1, and only managed an eighth place finish during Stage 2. Only beastcoast's winless Stage 2 saved XSET from carrying the unenviable distinction of finishing in last place through every single stage of the season. 

The future of XSET, the organization, in Rainbow Six Siege is currently unknown.