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R6 Esports launches Six Invitational Qualifier merch

Each region has a t-shirt, which feature different Rainbow Six Siege operators.

The Rainbow Six Siege esports action is back in January with each region holding a Six Invitational Closed Qualifier this month. Some of the best teams in the world will try to get on their hands a spot to compete in Montreal in February. 

Now, to honor the Closed Qualifiers, Ubisoft has partnered with We Are Nations to launch four t-shirts. 

What are the Six Invitational Qualifier t-shirts?

These pieces of clothing are black t-shirts, with each one including a different operator from Team Rainbow. These are all made of 100% combed cotton. Here's a closer look!

North America - Ash

North America's shirt is black and red, as red is the color mainly used to recognize the region in Siege. The FBI SWAT operator Eliza "Ash" Cohen is featured on this t-shirt. Considering that she is a fan-favorite operator, this shirt could be the first to sold out. 

Europe - Nomad

Europe's shirt is black and blue. Sanaa "Nomad" El Maktoub is a Moroccan operator who's part of the GIGR and Team Rainbow. Despite her not being European, she has been selected to feature in Europe's shirt — possibly my favorite on the list.

LATAM - Caveira

LATAM's shirt is black and green. The BOPE, GSUTR, and Team Rainbow operator Taina "Caveira" Pereira is one of the most recognizable in the game due to her special ability, the interrogation. 

APAC - Dokkaebi

Last but not least, we have APAC. This region's shirt is black and orange and features the South Korean operator Dokkaebi — another fan favorite

How much do the SI Qualifier shirts cost?

The prices differ depending on the region you are purchasing them from. The prices for each shirt are the following:

  • Europe: €25.00
  • North America: $25.00
  • Mexico: $515.00

There is no option for APAC, so we imagine that the shipment for it will be extremely expensive if you are thinking to buy a t-shirt from there.