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Rainbow Six Siege fans are down bad for Dokkaebi

Would you slide into the operator's DMs?

Rainbow Six Siege fans are down bad for Dokkaebi

Rainbow Six Siege players apparently want to slide into the DMs of Dokkaebi, a popular operator who is known for her hacking abilities. 

Following a popular Twitter meme trend, the official Rainbow Six Siege account posted a photo of Dokkaebi with the caption: "Be nice but be honest... But be nice." It also had a second picture that had three options: 

  • Reply to the tweet if you want to collaborate 
  • Retweet if you want to slide into her DMs
  • Heart react if you "enjoy my general energy and presence" 

The funny tweet was posted on January 5 and has been quickly racking up the reactions. Most people have chosen to heart react the post but many Rainbow Six Siege fans have admitted that they want to slide into Dokkaebi's DMs by choosing to retweet the tweet. 

It's no surprise that Rainbow Six Siege fans are feeling Dokkaebi, sometimes referred to as the "Siege Waifu." In the past, many posts on Reddit have been dedicated to Dokkaebi fan art or just players calling her attractive. There are other posts floating around online that revolve around calling Dokkaebi "hot." Other comments get even more inappropriate to the surprise of nobody in the gaming community. 

Artist: Jeff Rey


Who is Dokkaebi in Rainbow Six Siege? 

Grace Nam is an attacking operator focused on intel gathering and denying. She uses a Ballistic Armor Military Laptop (codename: Logic Bomb) to hack enemy devices. This ultimately compromises the enemy's position on the map. 

Dokkaebi has always been advanced in math and technology, earning a National Academic Excellence Scholarship at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. She then served in the Republic of Korea Army, assigned to the 5163 Army Division. She trained in mountaineering, survival, and even guerilla warfare. 

Dokkaebi is known for her unorthodox approach to most situations. She became focused on breaching defenses and exploiting the weaknesses in enemy networks. As a result, Dokkaebi was recruited to the 707th and has worked closely with Specialist Masaru "Echo" Enatsu in the R&D lab, engineering new countermeasure technologies. 

Reads her psychological report: "Grace Nam is playful, clever, serious, and reckless as her codename – Dokkaebi – implies. She’s also mischievous. Recent reports say she’s been pushing herself beyond her limits and the team has expressed concern that she’s over-confident. Added to that, we have past disciplinary reports stating that her actions have been 'unorthodox,' which I can believe. I was there when she hacked the system; I saw the promise when other people wanted her punished."