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What Rainbow Six Siege operators would fit in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Twelve operators have been announced but six still remain a mystery. Who should join Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on Jan. 20 and will include 18 operators from Rainbow Six Siege. 

The operators that Ubisoft selected are very important in this brand-new video game. Imagine facing a herd of alien enemies with Mozzie's RONI and his Pest Launcher... Do you really think that fits the needs of Extraction? Weapons with big magazines and abilities that stun enemies or that give you an advantage over them are pivotal in succeeding. 

Here's everything we know so far of Rainbow Six Extraction.

What Rainbow Six Siege operators are confirmed to feature in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Currently, 18 Rainbow Six Siege operators have been confirmed to appear in Rainbow Six Extraction. The list includes the following:

  • Doc
  • Ela
  • Pulse
  • Alibi
  • Finka
  • Hibana
  • Lion
  • Sledge
  • Vigil
  • IQ
  • Jäger
  • Rook
  • Fuze
  • Smoke
  • Tachanka
  • Capitão
  • Gridlock
  • Nomad

All of these operators will be included in the first release of the game. However, their Siege abilities and gadget have received small tweaks in order to survive the herds of enemies — remember, we are not talking of terrorists anymore.

For example, Tachanka will be able to deploy his portable LMG, which disappeared from Siege with the introduction of the Shumika Launcher.

Another good example to help players understand these important changes are Hibana's XKAIROS. They can now be used to disorient enemies. For more information on these tweaks, you can check Ubisoft's North America YouTube video. 

Which Rainbow Six Siege operators would fit in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Considering the needs that players will have in Rainbow Six Extraction, we put together five more Siege operators that we think could fit in Rainbow Six Extraction. 


Ying has the T-95 LSW in her weapon kit, which has a magazine size of 80+1 and delivers a strong amount of damage. Combined with her Candelas, which could be tweaked to disorient enemies, Ying could be a very strong addition to the Extraction team.


Oryx' Remah Dash could be a very good ability in Extraction. He could disorient enemies or even kill them with it. He could also be equipped with Iana's set of guns— if Alibi has been seen playing with Maestro's LMG, why not have Oryx equipped with Iana's G36C?

Alibi has been seen playing with Maestro's ALDA (Image: Ubisoft North America)


Buck's shotgun would be an amazing addition for close-range encounters. It can be used both as a weapon and as a soft-breaching tool, which could be helpful in various Extraction situations.


Warden + Smoke could be a cool combination to have. With Smoke deploying his smokes, Warden could look through them. This also opens the door to the idea of adding Glaz.


In order to add Flores into the Extraction team, we think his RCE-RATERO should experience some changes. Flores droning in the middle of a herd is a bad idea, as he would be incredibly exposed to attacks. So, why not deploy them quickly, making his drones activated by movement or with a timer? Or even with a device, just like a preplaced C4.