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Does Rainbow Six Extraction have crossplay?

Who can join your Archaean killing squad?

New year, new video game. Rainbow Six Extraction launched on Jan. 20 and will include 18 different operators from Rainbow Six Siege. This time, however, players partner to eliminate monsters instead of terrorists. 

But can you team up with friends on different consoles to fight these aliens? For more information on what to expect, check our general article on Rainbow Six Extraction.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have crossplay?

The answer is yes, Rainbow Six Extraction includes not only crossplay but also cross-progress and cross-save.

Back in July 2021, the official Ubisoft North America YouTube channel announced these features, where they stated: "From day one, Rainbow Six Extraction is unified across all platforms."

They added that players will be able to "save (their) progress anytime between current and next-generation consoles, Ubisoft Connect, PC, and Cloud streaming platforms."

This means that players from any platform can partner to defeat the enemies in the game

How many players can partner up in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to partner up in teams of three to complete the game's missions, although players are also able to play solo or with just another teammate. With that being said, forget about playing with your usual Siege five-stack. 

This has originated some complaints from the Siege community, as players are used to playing in teams of five — and they obviously don't want to leave two of their usual stack members behind. However, in order to explore this new R6 world, you will have to pick your best two partners and jump to the unknown. 

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