Skip navigation (Press enter) Rainbow Six Siege roster goes "inactive" following disappointing year

What will happen to the roster isn't exactly clear.

Image via SiegeGG

According to a tweet from the organization's Twitter account, the roster will become "inactive" as of today, Dec. 27. 

What "inactive" means in terms of a precise numerical figure for inactive players, benched players, and players they'll retain for 2022 isn't explicitly clear, but a rebuild of some sorts will occur, according to the tweet. 

Pavel "p4sh4" Kosenko will provide more information in a forthcoming YouTube video, posted to's channel. His presence implies that his services will be retained for 2022, but that isn't explicit.

"We are working on rebuilding the team prior to the start of the season in February 2022," the announcement read. has had an underwhelming 2021. From results that didn't match past results to positive COVID-19 tests preventing from competing at the Six Invitational 2021, the second year of the pandemic hasn't been kind to the Russian side. failed to finish in the top four of EUL once during the year, even though they finished third in EUL during 2020.'s spot in EUL 2022 is secure, but their season is over. The only thing left to do is retool their roster in a way they feel can bring them the level of success they previously had.

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