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Europe SI 2022 Second Qualifier open thread: scores, bracket, results

Here are all the results from Europe's second SI 2022 open qualifier.

Tonight is the last call for European teams to qualify to the SI 2022 European Closed Qualifier, with the second EU Open Qualifier set to begin today at 7 PM CET. 

Fans will focus on how the European League rosters of G2 Esports and do this time in the tournament, following their early exits in the very first open qualifier.

Other important rosters will be in the qualifier as well, including the Challenger League champions MnM Gaming, the team they defeated, HellRaisers, or last year's Closed Qualifier winners, Mkers. 

This article will be updated as results come in.

Round of 64

  • WYLDE.GG 1-0 TeamMiracle
  • Macko Esports 1-0 NoNameNeededStyl
  • WnP Esports 7-2 NoMercy-SOS
  • Ovation eSports R6 7-2 NF Gaming
  • WhiteTigerZ 7-0 Southampton Toilet Group
  • MnM Gaming 7-2 Emacity Esports
  • Niente da Fare 7-2 Team Vengeance
  • Mkers 1-0 gdrop
  • Rebels Gaming 7-2 RCTIC
  • 1st Rounded 7-0 Goblins Athlete Gaming 
  • Kjell's Disciples 7-5 Movistar Riders - The Spanish team led by the world champion Daniel "Goga" Mazorra is out of the tournament after falling to Kjell's Disciples. 
  • Reply Totem Esports 7-2 Flying Kiwis
  • ESCA GamingR6 7-2 Alibi TeaM
  • Team RVNS 7-3 Team Ventus 
  • G2 Esports 7-2 Cyberground Gaming R6
  • Esport_Empire. 7-2 T1 Knockouts
  • MAD DOGS PACT 1-0 noetic
  • 7-2 Varya + 4
  • START ESPORT 7-4 On My Ping
  • DED Inside 7-2 Sandals IV
  • Activit-E 7-3 Team Charon by Ares Gaming
  • DARZY'S Little Soldiers 7-0 Hawkshead
  • teamenyx 7-4 LFO (ex-OP)
  • Alpha.LPZ 7-0 Zwik
  • GC eSport 8-6 Anonymo R6 
  • Viperio 86 8-7 Acend
  • Team Valor 7-0 el mogus del mogus 
  • vR eSports 7-3 OnionUnion
  • Team Guardians Alpha 7-5 BokuBois 
  • HellRaisers 7-4 OVAR ESPORT

Round of 32

  • Team Valor 7-1 WYLDE.GG - Team Valor, who defeated G2 Esports in the first open qualifier, has now upset the ex-SSP roster, known for defeating various T1 teams in the GSA League. 
  • MACKO Esports 7-4 WnP Esports
  • WhiteTigerZ 7-4 Ovation Esports 
  • MnM Gaming 7-2 Niente da Fare
  • 1st Rounded 7-2 Team Guardians Alpha
  • Reply Totem Esports 7-1 ESCA GamingR6
  • G2 Esports 7-2 Esport_Empire.
  • DED Inside 7-0 START ESPORT
  • teamenyx 7-2 Alpha.LPZ
  • Mkers 8-7 Rebels Gaming - The Italian team defeated the Spanish roster in an exciting match on Clubhouse. 
  • Viperio 86 7-1 Activit-E
  • HellRaisers 7-4 Kjell's Disciples
  • DARZY'S Little Soldiers 8-7 vR eSports
  • 4SV 7-4 GC eSport
  • Team DeftFox 8-6 RVNS Esports

Round of 16

  • Team Valor 7-3 MACKO Esports
  • MnM Gaming 7-5 WhiteTigerZ - The Challenger League champions defeated the team led by the ex-Team Secret player, Vincent "Hife" Finkenwirth.
  • Mkers 7-3 1st rounded - Although they were not first rounded, the undercovered Delta Project fell against the Italian squad. 
  • HellRaisers 7-5 Reply Totem Esports
  • G2 Esports 7-1 Team DeftFox
  • DED Inside 8-7 - The European League side of fell to their Russian neighbours DED Inside in what was the best match in the round of 16.
  • Viperio 86 7-1 DARZY'S Little Soldiers
  • teamenyx 7-5 4SV


  • MnM Gaming 7-4 Team Valor
  • Mkers 8-6 HellRaisers - Another nail-biting match for the Italians, who have beat the Challenger League finalist HellRaisers.
  • DED Inside 8-6 G2 Esports - Just as in the first online qualifier, G2 Esports are out of the bracket after an overtime defeat on Oregon. This time, it came against the Russian roster of DED Inside. It is now official, G2 Esports won't compete at the Six Invitational 2022. 
  • teamenyx 7-2 Viperio 86 - The ex-GoSkilla team who competed in last season's Challenger League has crushed the UKIN side, who were last beaten by Team Secret in the first online SI 2022 qualifiers. 

Semi-finals (Bo3)

  • MnM Gaming 2-0 Mkers - MnM Gaming looked unstoppable as they defeated Mkers by 7-5 and 7-0. Although the first map was incredibly tight, MnM Gaming crushed the Italians after winning all of their attacks. Then, Callum "Neonical" Humphreys gave his team the win after a successful 1v2 post-plant clutch.
  • teamenyx 2-1 DED Inside - The ex-GoSkilla roster are at the Grand Finals of the qualifier after beating the Russian squad of DES Inside.

Grand Final

  • MnM Gaming 2-0 teamenyx - The UKIN side had no issues to defeat their opponents to qualify for the closed qualifier. A victory on Kafe and another on Villa were enough to see the roster advancing to the next stage.

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