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Mexico and South America SI 2022 Qualifiers open thread: scores, bracket, results

Here are all the results from the Mexico and South American open qualifiers for the Six Invitational 2022.

Banner image: João F. / Ubisoft

The Mexico and South American open qualifiers are here. Both regions will have their own open qualifier, with the best team from each tournament making it to the January closed qualifier. These two will join MIBR (Brazil), Fenix Esports (Mexico), and Malvinas Gaming (South America) at the closed qualifier, planned to be played in Brazil. 

In Mexico, the Brazilian-majority roster of Atheris Esports is the favorite to take the Mexican spot. The team has competed in every Copa Elite Six played this year after showing incredible consistency throughout the year. Not only that, but in terms of regional competitions, the team has only lost four games this year -- two of them coming against Fenix Esports. 

Meanwhile, it feels like anything could happen in South America, especially following Newstar and Furious Gaming's upsets at the Campeonato Sudamericano Finals against the eventual favorites Malvinas Gaming and 9z Team. With Malvinas Gaming already qualified for the closed qualifier, the main favorites to win the open qualifier are 9z Team, and the region's champions, Furious Gaming.

The South American qualifier will kick off on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 3 pm UTC, while the Mexican qualifier will start on the same day at 6 pm UTC. 

This article will be updated as results come in.

South America

Round of 16 

  • Team Heaven default win
  • Eqole Team 2-7 Infamous Gaming - Infamous Gaming, who compete in the Campeonato Sudamericano, did not struggle and defeated the Série B roster.
  • Amaru Hunters default win
  • 9z Team default win
  • Furious Gaming default win
  • Team Bobinas default win
  • Not Today default win
  • Procyon default win


  • Team Heaven 1-7 Infamous Gaming - Despite winning the very first round, Team Heaven could not keep up with their opponent's pace and lost the following seven. 
  • Amaru Hunters 1-7 9z Team - The Argentinian squad 9z Team did not have any problems at defeating the Peruvians, as they won on Villa by 7-1. 
  • Furious Gaming 7-0 Team Bobinas - The Campeonato Sudamericano 2021 champions quickly defeated Team Bobinas's roster on Kafe by 7-0. 
  • Not Today 8-6 Procyon - The Chilean side defeated Procyon in Villa in what was a very intense game. 


  • Infamous Gaming 2-0 9z Team - Although 9z Team had some complications to close the maps, especially on Oregon, Infamous Gaming could not upset their opponents. 
  • Furious Gaming 2-0 Not Today - It was not meant to be for Not Today, as the Campeonato Sudamericano 2021 champions won on Kafe and Coastline with no problems at all. 

Grand Final

  • Furious Gaming 2-1 9z Team - Furious have done it (again)! Despite a loss in Villa, Furious obtained the SA closed qualifier spot after winning in Kafe and Coastline. The same happened just a few weeks ago at the Campeonato Sudamericano Finals, where Furious Gaming lost the first map just before winning the following two against the same opponents, 9z Team. 


Round of 16

  • Ex-BALAM default win
  • MaEs Esports 0-7 Reven Esports
  • Cruelty 7-1 Six Karma - Massive upset here as the Campeonato Mexicano Relegations winner, Cruelty, defeated the fourth-best team in the league. 
  • CRKG default win
  • Loki Supremacy default win
  • Overknight 8-6 Noctis Bellator
  • Zimios Gang 7-0 Eternal Ghost
  • Atheris Esports default win


  • Ex-BALAM vs Reven Esports
  • Cruelty 1-0 CRKG 
  • Loki Supremacy 0-1 Overknight - Overknight got a default win against ex-MeT, who played the qualifiers under the name of Loki Supremacy. One of the members of the roster was playing from outside Mexico, which was not allowed in the tournament. 
  • Atheris Esports 7-1 Zimios Gang - After some drama due to Atheris' Brazilian accounts, the team was allowed to play. The match, played on Club, was a brief one. 


  • Atheris Esports 2-0 Overknight
  • Cruelty 2-1 Reven Esports

Grand Final

  • Atheris Esports 2-0 Cruelty - Many expected Atheris to win, but not with so many difficulties. Following a great showing on Kafe, Atheris had to force overtime on Bank to actually close the series.