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What to watch in December: Regional finals, relegations, SI qualifiers & more

Here’s a full look at the biggest tournaments taking place in Siege esports this coming month.

Following the Six Sweden Major last month, December sees the start of the 2021 off-season. While the next few months see a decreased number of games, here’s a rundown on everything there is still to watch.

Rainbow Six Siege Global Events

While there are no global tournaments in December, there are open qualifiers for the 2022 Six Invitationals:

  • December 4-5th -- NA Qualifier #1
  • December 4-5th -- EU Qualifier #1
  • December 4-5th -- APAC South Qualifier
  • December 11-12th -- Mexico Qualifier
  • December 11-12th -- South America Qualifier
  • December 11-12th -- APAC North Qualifier
  • December 15-17th -- EU Qualifier #2
  • December 18-19th -- NA Qualifier #2
  • December 18-19th -- Brazil Qualifier

The singular victor of each of these tournaments progresses onto the playoffs which will take place in January.

Rainbow Six Siege Regionals

The biggest tournaments of the next few months will be the regional finals as the four regional leagues all come to a finish. Not all of these competitions have confirmed dates as of yet, however:

  • December 4th -- BR6 grand-final between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid
  • December 5-6th -- MXC semi and grand-finals
  • December 11th -- EUL semi-finals, BDS vs G2 and Empire vs NAVI
  • December 11th -- NAL semi-finals, SSG vs DZ, Soniqs vs OxG
  • December 12th -- NAL grand-final and relegations, XSET vs Parabellum
  • December 12th -- EU CL grand-final, MnM vs HellRaisers
  • December 18th -- EUL relegations, Secret vs TBD
  • December 19th -- EUL grand-final

The EUL, NAL and BR6 Finals are both LANs with the BR6 Finals also including a live audience. No details on the date, format, or teams for the APAC Finals have been announced as of yet.

Rainbow Six Siege Nationals

While most nationals ended before the start of Stage 3’s Challenger League tournaments, a number of them are back for December:

  • December 1st -- Six Masters Iberia, final phase one playday
  • December 1st -- Benelux Cup, Seriously vs Alpha and 4E vs KVM
  • December 3-4th -- MENA Regionals, final play week
  • December 6th -- Benelux Cup, Passion vs Activvit-E and TBD
  • December 6-9th -- SCS Season 6, group stage week one
  • December 11-12th -- Oceanic Nationals 2021 Finals
  • December 14-17th -- SCS Season 6, group stage week two
  • December 21 & 23rd -- SCS Season 6, group stage week three
  • December 27-30th -- SCS Season 6 Playoffs

While none of these tournaments offers advancement into future tournaments such as the main tier national or the Challenger League, they still involve the best names in each national scene and should be a solid watch.

Rainbow Six Siege Lower-Tier Leagues

Finally, there’s also a number of smaller tournaments of note around the world:

  • December 2nd -- XP Women’s League, final league play day
  • December 2nd, 7th, 9th & 14th -- Finnish Esports League
  • December 3rd -- Nordic Showdown 2021, Finland vs Norway and Denmark vs Sweden
  • December 4-5th -- Oceanic Challenger League 2021 Finals
  • December 4-5th -- Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup
  • December 5th -- Esports League Season 4 - Balkan Edition, grand-final
  • December 12th -- XP Women’s League Season 6 Finals

While these weren’t all the tournaments happening over the next few weeks, this is still a good glance at the global scene and matches that will be available to watch.

SiegeGG will be covering the bigger of these tournaments as they happen including the regional finals, relegations, SI qualifiers, and a number of the national tournaments.