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Japan Championship 2021 Finals: Everything you need to know

From October 28, the Japan Championship 2021 Finals will see the crowning of another national champion.

The R6 Japan Championship 2021 (RJC), boasting a 15 million yen ($130,000) prize pool, has been an ongoing tournament from Oct. 2. The short tournament will come to an end this weekend, from Oct. 28 to 31, with the LAN Finals at Tokyo Big Sight.

Here’s all the info you need to know about the upcoming tournament that is set to crown 2021's Japanese champion.

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The Teams

RJC, the biggest tournament in Japanese R6 scene, had started its qualifiers in September, which had ended up with eight teams surviving. Those eight teams, along with the four best teams from the Japan League 2021, will take part in the upcoming RJC Finals.

RJC Qualifier teams:

  • EVA: e -- ekus99, Maavi, Reira, SIFTY, amb3rxd, Y4
  • BLUE BEES -- polung, RuRn, Nellfq, sayochan, YOWAMU
  • Gyogun -- IREBA, K3rry, NoeXr, Lambor, O-iOcchan
  • ORTHROS GRIT -- Siru, Vbort, Acerola, Mqo, Tyopiii, Karu2k
  • Zepto -- TaiyoGA33, Pyon, Wqsyo1, REChaaaaN, LuA
  • Crest Gaming Lst -- ariya, Eclair, RABBIT, Ruruta, Wh1skey, OkOmEsH
  • DONUTS USG -- Kawa, Perro, DD, Rento, Aokayu
  • REJECT -- Window, solty, VaNiSh, NoTimeGG, Take, tadaNiki

Japan League 2021 teams:

  • Cyclops athlete gaming -- Anitun, SuzuC, gatorada, BlackRay, Ayagator, Fuji3 (Coach), Hybrid (Analyst)
  • Sengoku Gaming --  A1kyan, YahooN, ReyCyil, Ramu, febar,  Sironeko, Norio (Coach)
  • FAV gaming -- Taipon, Afro, ShiN, No2, K-RAISER, Luugator, OdeNMiso (Coach)
  • GUTS Gaming -- Lily, JJ, Li9ht, Yura, Merieux, cloud (sub), Joghurt (Coach)

The undoubtable favorite at the event will be CYCLOPS athlete gaming (CAG), the champions of RJC in 2020, and 14-0 Japan League champions. Though they failed to make it to Sweden Major after losing in the APAC Playoffs, their domestic prowess seems to be unmatched.

The RJL 2021 Finals Bracket.

Sengoku Gaming, the runners-up of the Japan League and a promising challenger in upcoming APAC North relegations, will also be heavily favoured. Given that they won’t face off CAG at least until the grand final, it is safe to say that only FAV gaming will be a rival on the right side of the bracket.

While FAV unexpectedly underperformed, finishing in eighth place in APAC North in Stage 3 and set to play in the relegations, they will still be a team to watch out for.

Comparatively, the left side of the bracket is stacked with good teams, with five of the seven Japan League teams ending up there after the randomised bracket draw.

REJECT will be a team to watch, having improved rapidly throughout the Japan League with new players such as tadaNiki. The team is also set to take part in the APAC North relegations as well.

GUTS Gaming will be CAG's biggest rivals on the left half of the bracket, however, after almost making it to the Sweden Major through APAC North and the APAC Playoffs in Stage 3. Their mid-season roster change, replacing CrazyPapiyoN with the legendary Merieux, have made them a much more balanced team in terms of gunfights and strategies.


The RJC 2021 Finals will take place from Oct. 28 to 31, with the following schedules;

  • Oct. 28
    • Round of 12:
      • CAG vs REJECT
      • GUTS vs CGL
      • Sengoku vs BLUE BEES
  • Oct. 29
    • Round of 12:
      • FAV vs ORTHROS
    • Quarter-Finals:
      • EVA:e vs (CAG or REJECT)
      • Zepto vs (GUTS or CGL)
  • Oct. 30
    • Quarter-Finals:
      • USG vs (Sengoku or BEES)
      • Gyogun vs (FAV or ORTHROS)
    • Semi Finals (1/2)
  • Oct. 31
    • Semi-Finals (2/2)
    • Third-place decider
    • Grand Final

All the matches are set to be BO3, and are set to be on LAN, though will not have a live audience.

The games will be streamed live in English, Japanese, and Hindi, on the Rainbow6JPBRAVO Twitch channel, the Rainbow6JP Twitch and YouTube channels, and the Rainbow6DELTA Twitch channel, respectively.

Casting in English will be the APAC South Division's Manic, Guzz, Zenox, and Devmarta, while Jaxxx and Bullet will be casting in Hindi. This will be the first time a Japanese tournament will be cast in English, and the first time there will be an official Hindi broadcast of any tournament.

The Japanese cast will see former GUTS Gaming captain CrazyPaipiyoN join the usual trio of Freida, Tomozoh, and Okayama.

Prize Pool and Seed for RJL Relegation

The net prize pool for RJC 2021 is ¥15,000,000 (US$134,304) that will be allocated as follows:

  • 1st place -- ¥8,000,000 / US$71,600 & Seed for RJL Relegation*
  • 2nd place -- ¥4,000,000 / US$35,800
  • 3rd place -- ¥1,500,000 / US$13,400
  • 4th place -- ¥500,000 / US$4,500
  • 5-8th place -- ¥250,000 / US$2,200

*Teams qualified from the RJL or the Japan Open Tournament can not win a spot for the RJL Relegation. Instead, the spot will go to the best placing Open Qualifier team in the top eight. If there is no Open Qualifier team in the top eight, then the best placing team that also played in Season 1 or Season 2 of the Japan Open series will get the spot.

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