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Heroic auto-relegated from EUL, Team Secret to play in relegations

Heroic's turbulent 2021 EUL run will draw to a close due to autorelegation. Team Secret will have a chance to re-earn their EUL spot.

Team Secret and Heroic have locked in ninth and 10th place for the 2021 season, respectively.

Following a 5-7 loss with a match point disconnect against G2 Esports, Heroic has been relegated from the EU League for the 2022 season. Team Secret, meanwhile, have guaranteed a ninth place finish, meaning they will play in a relegation matchup to keep their EU League spot.

After starting the year on the TrainHard eSport organization, the French roster initially kept clear of the relegation spots with an eighth place finish in Stage 1. In Stage 2, TrainHard exit “Siege”, and the team dropped down to ninth place. Unfortunately, in Stage 3, they’re locked into tenth place.

These results now put them on 17 total points across the 2021 season, six points behind Team Secret with just two games remaining.

As Secret holds the head-to-head over Heroic, this means Heroic cannot escape last place in the league. They will be auto-relegated from the league, come the end of the season.

This ends what has been a very bad year for the Heroic roster after having lost two organizations due to COVID related financial issues which almost led them to lose their EUL spot twice. At the beginning of Stage 3 they finally were signed by the well renowned Danish organization Heroic.

This means the roster will be placed in the European Challenger League tournament for the 2022 Season, and will be replaced in the EUL by this year’s Challenger League victor.

Team Secret, meanwhile, finished each Stage in tenth, eighth, and currently sits in ninth place. They have a total of 23 points across the 2021 Season. Following their 2-7 loss against Rogue this week they sit nine points behind eighth placed Rogue with only two games remaining meaning they are also locked into position.

Team Secret will play the EU Challenger League runners-up at the EU Finals in December with the winner taking away a spot in the 2022 EUL Season.

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