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#9 Player of Year 5: Rampy

Joining his teammate on the list, Rampy slots in at number nine in the world!

Rampy makes his mark on this year's list, coming in at number nine. This marks a decline for him, having reached the number two spot in last year's list. Nevertheless, Rampy's year was quite successful both individually and as a team. 

Following a triumphant Six Invitational 2020 campaign, Rampy returned to online play in strong fashion, in both the second half of Pro League Season 11 and Stage 1 of the newly-created North American League. Rampy's success would propel SSG to the top spot in the US Division's inaugural season, but unfortunately, SSG would fall to just a third-place finish in the August Major. 

Tournament Rating K-D (+/-)
NAL 2020 Stage 1 1.18 131-96 (+35)
August NA Major 1.07 82-70 (+12)
NAL 2020 Stage 2 0.93 65-70 (-5)
November NA Major Quals 1.19 74-53 (+21)
November NA Major 1.20 81-56 (+25)
US Division Finals 0.97 23-25 (-2)
NAL 2021 Stage 1 1.12 85-74 (+11)
Six Invitational 2021 1.05 92-80 (+12)

After a relative underperformance in Stage 2, Rampy would recover in force for the November Major cycle, putting on impressive showings in both the qualifier and event itself, earning an EVP award for the feat. He showcased explosive performances, with ratings of 1.40, 1.34, 1.27, 1.24, 1.09, and 1.05 through SSG's six matches in the event. 

In Stage 1 of the 2021 North American League, Rampy finished as one of the top players in the region despite a challenging team situation that saw SSG playing with team analyst Luke as a stand-in.

Rampy was SSG's best player in a disappointing finish at the Six Invitational where the team attempted to return Canadian into the starting lineup, to mixed success. Nevertheless, Rampy fought hard and was the only member of his team to achieve a positive K-D. 

Will Rampy continue his impressive career into Year 6 and put Spacestation back into the upper echelon of competitors? Only time will tell. 

The above is number nine in our Top Players Year 5 series. Click here to view all of the awards, the announcement schedule, and their winners. Check back in each day for new awards to be announced!