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MIBR: LuKid & Budega Test Positive for COVID-19, Tradyz to Stand In

MIBR has announced that their player and coach of LuKid and Budega are isolating due to a positive covid diagnosis.

MIBR: LuKid & Budega Test Positive for COVID-19, Tradyz to Stand In

The player and coach of MIBR in Luca "LuKid" Sereno and Matheus "Budega" Figueiredo have been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 and therefore will be unable to play during this weekend's BR6 games against FURIA and W7M.

The ex-Challenger League player of Tradyz will deputise for these games while LuKid self isolates.

After MIBR's BR6 winning lineup moved to join FaZe Clan during the recent transfer period, MIBR picked up the Team oNe lineup, which includes the player LuKid and the coach Budega.

These two made their debut on their new team last weekend, with defeats against both FaZe and NiP. However, MIBR's manager of Guille has now announced that they have both tested positive for the coronavirus and will have to quarantine for their upcoming play day.

As explained in the subtitled video above, both had started feeling symptoms last week and their COVID test results came back positive during the BR6 play day itself. Since then, they have been quarantining away from the other members of the roster in the MIBR gaming house. 

Thank you very much for all the messages of support, LuKid and I are working hard every day to get better.

As MIBR has no substitutes, Ubisoft has allowed MIBR to bring on an emergency player for this weekend in TradyZ, who previously played on FURIA Academy and NT Esports during the 2020 BR6b Challenger League tournament and had finished sixth. 

Thank you for the opportunity that the boys of MIBR gave me to play these games and I wish improvements to LuKid and Budega.

This is the first time a pro-tier Rainbow Six player has been confirmed to have the coronavirus, but this is not the first case in the Brazilian Siege community. Just two weeks ago, INTZ had announced that their Women's team player, Danielle "Ch3rn4" Andrade, had been unable to play during the opening play day of the Circuito Feminino 2021 tournament as she, too, had symptoms.

Well guys, today I will not play because I am positive and have a lot of symptoms. I really wanted to play today, but unfortunately, I am in no condition to play.

Keep an eye out here at SiegeGG for any further updates.