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Ace, XRTROIKA, Geo Officially Confirmed for English-Language BR6 Broadcast

After not been invited to return to cast the 2021 EUL and APAC North seasons, Geo has been announced as the official English-language caster for the BR6 alongside XRTROIKA and Ace.

Update (27 Mar 2021):

After one week without an English-language broadcast for the 2021 BR6 (Brasileirão) season, the English trio of Tim "AceofPyrite" Leaver and Ollie "XRTROIKA" Hatton have been confirmed to be part of the official English broadcast alongside former APAC North and European League (EUL) caster Geo "Geo" Collins.

The move comes after Geo had not been renewed for the 2021 APAC North and EUL seasons, as well as after Jack "Jacky" Peters had left Rainbow Six to return to casting Counter-Strike, with him having commentated on the 2020 BR6 season alongside Ace.

Many had feared the end of an English language broadcast for the BR6 following Jacky's departure and Ace being moved to the APAC North and EUL broadcasts; a fear that had manifested after the previous week saw no official English-language BR6 stream.

While Ace is a caster for APAC North and the EUL, he will be hosting the BR6 broadcast instead, with Geo and XRTROIKA commentating.

The intial lack of an English broadcast for the BR6 was likely due to low viewership figures in 2020, with some days only seeing a maximum of 2,000 concurrent viewers. However, with in-game esports pack drops now available for live viewers, the number should be significantly higher.

Dismayed at the lack of an English broadcast for the top-flight league, North American League (NAL) host Loviel "Velly" Cardwell had even offered to put together a team for and host the English broadcast if needed.

Now, much to his and other fans' delight, the English-language broadcast is back, with its first game for 2021 starting tonight at 1 PM BRT (UTC-3).

Original Article:

After having cast the European League (EUL) and APAC North Division, as well as the European and APAC Majors, Geo "Geo" Collins has not been invited to cast the two regions' top flight leagues.

The move is likely due to a reduction of games per week, thus no longer necessitating the same complement of casters as in 2020.

This comes after the number of teams in APAC North were reduced by a third, with the four Southeast Asian teams joining four Oceanic teams in a new-look APAC South Division, rumoured to be led by the Oceanic talent team.

In her Twitlonger, Geo stated that she was not leaving Rainbow Six, but revealed that she did not yet have a plan for her future.