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#2 Player of Year 6: Alem4o

Last year's Rookie of the Year has followed up with an even better Year 6, earning himself second place on the list.

From top to bottom, 2021 was the year of Karl “Alem4o” Zarth. The bombastic, charismatic Brazilian followed up stellar individual performances at every international event he attended with a victory in the Mexico Major – a run that featured one of the most thrilling Rainbow Six Siege matches ever played. 

Alem4o burst onto the scene in SI 2021, where he notched a performance that cemented a SiegeGG Rookie of the Year award. If not for then-teammate Juliano "Levy" Andrade dos Santos Benos’s performance, he might have been the MVP of the Mexico Major.

Later in the year, Alem4o and Team oNe slumped, which included a controversial exit from SI 2022. However, the team struggles didn’t dent Alem4o’s statistical brilliance – he notched a 1.15 SiegeGG Rating at SI 2022

After the monster year, Alem4o headed to G2, where he will participate in EUL. 

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