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Event Updates: Regional Finals & World Cup Delayed, SI21 Offline in Europe

A number of tournament updates has been announced for events over the next year.

Event Updates: Regional Finals & World Cup Delayed, SI21 Offline in Europe

Update (December 2nd):

The dates and formats for the Six Invitational qualifiers have been revealed in a blog post as the sign-ups went live today. These can be seen summarized as below:

North America

  • Open Qualifiers -- BO3 single elimination bracket from Dec 12-13th
  • Closed Qualifiers -- BO3 single elimination bracket with a BO5 grand-final on Dec 18-20th. Includes four teams from the open event, the CA Division Final victors, and one unspecified US Division team.

Latin America

  • Open Qualifiers -- Dec 10-13th with different formats in each subregion. Top 8 in each Division qualifies onwards.
    • Mexico and South America -- Double elimination, BO1
    • Brazil -- Single elimination, BO3
  • Closed Qualifiers -- Dec 17-20th
    • Mexico and South America -- 8 teams from the qualifiers & 8 teams from the Pro and Challenger Leagues compete in a double elimination, BO3 format with a BO5 grand-final
  • LATAM Regional -- Jan 7-10th
    • A round-robin, BO1 group followed by a BO3 single elimination playoff
    • Competing teams include 2 Brazilian qualifier teams, the Mexican and South American qualifier victors, Estral Esports and Coscu Army


  • Open Qualifiers -- Dec 10-12th
    • 10 teams from a single-elimination, BO3 format progresses onwards
  • Closed Qualifiers -- Dec 14-18th
    • 10 Open Qualifier teams join Rogue, Team Secret, Team Vitality, Chaos Esports Club, MnM and Cowana in a single-elimination, BO3 format. 2 teams qualify onwards
  • Qualifier Finals -- Dec 19-20th
    • 2 qualified teams plus Natus Vincere and Tempra Esports play in a single-elimination BO3 bracket with a BO5 final

Asia Pacific

  • Open Qualifiers -- Dec 12-13th
    • A single-elimination, BO3 bracket including teams from all three subregions
  • Closed Qualifiers -- Dec 14-18th
    • Cyclops AG, Xavier Esports, Guts Gaming, MercenarieZ, Union Gaming and FAV Gaming join 2 qualified teams in a single-elimination, BO3 bracket.

As well as these details, also announced was the prizepool cap of $3,000,000 (up from last year's $2m) which will be raised via revenue of the Road to SI Battlepass.

Announcements surrounding LAN events over the next year have just been made, with Ubisoft's plans for the Six Invitational, 2020 Regional Finals, and the 6 World Cup all outlined.

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Six Invitational 2021

Starting with the biggest event of the Year 5 calendar, the annual World Championships will take place in February with its planned 20 international teams in attendance. The tournament will invite the top 16 teams by SI Points alongside four qualifier victors -- one per region.

This means, with just the APAC Major remaining, the following teams have guaranteed their spots at the SI21 event:

  • Europe -- BDS Esport,, and Team Empire
  • North America -- TSM, DarkZero Esports, and Spacestation Gaming
  • Latin America -- Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid, Team oNe, and FaZe Clan
  • Asia-Pacific -- Cloud9 and Giants Gaming

The changes to this tournament see it take place in Europe rather than Montreal, without an in-person crowd due to the coronavirus pandemic. This change of locations is likely due Canada only allowing Canadian nationals, foreign students, extended families, or "temporary foreign workers" into the country (at the time of writing), meaning esports players would not be able to enter.

While just conjecture, the Europe decision likely means the event will be based out of the Paris studio.

The Paris studio during the August Major.

Registrations for the open qualifiers will kick off on December 2nd, with the tournament taking place over that month.

6 World Cup

The 6 World Cup planned to take place in "Summer 2021" has been delayed by a year until 2022. This is to ensure that the event will take place on LAN, with a crowd to cheer for the international teams.

Full details surrounding the planned event can be found here.

2020 Regional Finals

Specific dates have been confirmed for each of the regional finals as seen below:

  • Mexican/South American Finals / Relegation matchups - Nov 23-28th
    • These tournaments have already started, with both Divisions' grand finals next weekend.
  • Brazil Divizon Finals - LAN event on Nov 29th
    • The Team Liquid vs MIBR grand final
  • Canadian Division Finals / Relegation matchup - Dec 11-13th
    • The grand final is between Mirage and Altiora, while the relegations sees Nordik vs Oblivion.
  • Asia-Pacific Finals - Three separate events from Jan 8-10th
    • The event has been split up into three regional events for APAC North, Oceania, and South Asia. The formats and teams are currently unknown.
  • European League Finals - Jan 15-17th
    • BDS, G2, and Na'Vi fight for the EU 2020 champions.

These finals are simply to determine who become the 2020 regional champions and have no impact on SI Points or Major qualifications.

It is currently unclear when the relegation matches for the European League will be, while the US Division's relegation game has been cancelled following the exit of eUnited and Tempo Storm.

2021 Six Majors

Finally, there has been no word on the plans for the May and August 2021 Majors, with Ubisoft "exploring all options" around the event. With no mention of the November APAC Major, it is likely safe to assume that it will continue as planned.

Check back here in the coming weeks as more details are released for all of the above competitions.