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APAC Transfers: Oct-May 2021 - Elevate Drops redsun After Stage 1 Win

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in both APAC North and APAC South after the end of Stage 1 and Stage 2.

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 2 of the 2020 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the LATAMNA, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

APAC North & South:

  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming - Fuji3 signed as coach, Hybrid signed as analyst
  • GUTS Gaming - Cloud joins starting lineup, Joghurt joins as coach
  • QConfirm - Tanler leaves, HealthcareOG steps back due to internship
  • Fnatic - Team to miss out on Six Invitational for first time, Alphama signed and relocated to Taiwan, Acez dropped, Australians move to Perth
  • Talon Esports - Sunbi leaves
  • Nora-Rengo - Ar7hur and Merieux leave, Candy joins, Papilia, YoshiNNGO, Simotuki, and Candy leave, VBM signed as coach
  • Electrify Esports - Roster leaves organisation
  • SCARZ - Team disbands
  • GC Busan Spear - yass joins, roster joins DWG KIA, TemplaT leaves
  • Xavier Esports - AngryX to trial in place of Redsun, roster leaves organisation, signs with Elevate
  • Elevate (Thai) - redsun dropped
  • FAV gaming - Raiser re-signed
  • All four SEA APAC North teams (Giants Gaming, Qconfirm, Xavier Esports, and 7th Heaven) join APAC South
  • Elevate (Australian) - Hotshot leaves, roster joins The Chiefs
  • LFO - AngMoh leaves
  • Noble esports - Roster leaves organisation, Loona and Presidnt let go
  • Team Ferox - Roster leaves organisation
  • Wildcard Gaming - Diesel unable to play indefinitely, coach syliX to stand in

South Asia:

  • MercenarieZ - DOC7ER retires, roster leaves organisation, SnoowW joins, roster rejoins organisation

Roster Changes

May 4th: Elevate Drops redsun After Stage 1 Win

Elevate substitute and analyst Thiti "redsun" Chairoek has been dropped by the team following the team's APAC Championship title win in Stage 1.

Redsun had been part of the playing roster on the Thai team through its time as Xavier Esports, but had been moved to a substitute position prior to the start of the 2021 season.

He had been active since Season 7, in the Challenger League, and had attended two APAC Finals and one APAC qualifier LAN during his time on the two different Xavier rosters.

April 6th: Elevate Signs Xavier Esports Roster After Sale of Australian Team to The Chiefs

Elevate Signs Xavier Esports Roster After Sale of Australian Team

After slightly over a year with its Australian roster, Elevate has signed the Thai squad of Xavier Esports.

Read the full article here.

April 6th: The Chiefs Enter Rainbow Six, Buy Out Elevate Roster

One of the biggest Oceanic esports organisations, The Chiefs Esports Club (ESC), has signed the Australian roster of Elevate midway through Stage 1 of the 2021 APAC South season, excluding the substitute of Joseph "Milostka" Kaleske.

Read the full article here.

March 24th: Pittsburgh Knights Sign Sketchy as Analyst


March 18th: Diesel Unable to Play Indefinitely, Wildcard Coach syliX to Stand In

Due to unforeseen personal reasons, Wildcard Gaming captain Kyle "Diesel" Renton will be unable to play in the APAC South Division for the forseeable future.

According to the Twitlonger released by Vincent "Vincere" Daniele, the roster lock affected the Australian team the same way it has Spacestation Gaming, with no free agent allowed to be signed as an emergency replacement.

Due to unforeseen personal reasons, Kyle “Diesel” Renton will be unable to play competitively for the indefinite future.

Unfortunately, due to the timing of the news (outside of the roster lock period), we are unable to replace him and as such, will be playing out the entirety of Stage 1 with either of our coaches: Sylix or Fluxx.

We requested an “emergency stand-in”, our request was denied.
We also want to state as a team that we completely support Kyle in his decision and trust he was absolutely certain this was what he required. We will also continue to support him in whatever his future decisions may be. Kyle has also made it clear he is taking some time off of all social medias and would appreciate privacy during this time.

In saying all that, Kyle was an integral part of this roster and his sudden departure severely altered our ability to practice. We are disappointed that we will not be at our full potential going into this stage, but are still confident we can come away with some wins and cement our spot in both the OCN and APAC South leagues.

We appreciate all the continued support from all of our fans and the Wildcard staff. We hope we can demonstrate a good brand of siege, even during the first stage.

As such, Wildcard Gaming Vinnie "syliX" Tam, a former professional player, will be standing in for Stage 1.

March 16th: MercenarieZ Roster Returns to Organisation

After having left the organisation on New Years' Eve, the MercenarieZ roster has returned to the organisation ahead of the start of the 2021 season.

March 16th: HealthcareOG Steps Back for Stage 1 due to Internship

Qconfirm's Chayapat "HealthcareOG" Boonyamanop will be taking a step back from competitive Rainbow Six for the duration of Stage 1 of the 2021 season due to an internship. The substitute of Pasatron "Darkk" Boonrubasb will be playing instead, having swapped positions with HealthcareOG.

March 14th: Fnatic Moves Australian Players to Perth for Stage 1 to Reduce In-Game Ping

As revealed in a series of tweets from Fnatic captain Etienne "Mag" Rousseau, Fnatic has temporarily moved its Australian players to Perth in a bid to halve the in-game ping (latency) when playing its APAC North games.

The move comes five days ahead of the start of the 2021 APAC North season, and nine days after Fnatic had confirmed that it would be unable to move to Japan for Stage 1 of the season. The Perth move will be temporary, however, with the long-term plan still to move to Japan with all six players.

Joining Mag in the move to Perth will be Tex "Tex" Thompson, Jason "Lusty" Chen, and Riley "Stigs" Mills, with the latter not seen in the team selfie as he will be moving to Perth from Melbourne, instead of Sydney like the other three.

The move is estimated to reduce the Fnatic players' ping by about 40 milliseconds, which could prove the difference in various gunfights for the Australian players against their Asian opponents.

Fnatic's other two players, Patrick "MentalistC" Fan and Léo "Alphama" Robine will be playing from Singapore and Taiwan, respectively, and will largely avoid the ping penalties brought about by distance to Asian servers.

In 2020, Fnatic had struggled to win many of its games, with many losses being as close as 5-7, or 7-8. A far cry from their former APAC champions status, the team will thus be hoping the reduced ping is enough to make a difference and turn the close losses into victories.

March 5th: Fnatic Still Unable to Move to Japan, Alphama Relocated to Taiwan in Interim

After signing with Fnatic late last month, Léo "Alphama" Robine has successfully made it into an APAC North territory ahead of the start of the 2021 season in two weeks. As such, he will be able to play in the league as a core player for Fnatic.

However, in his tweet, Alphama also confirmed that the rest of the team will continue to be unable to complete its move to Japan as planned. As such, the four Australian players will once again be playing from their home country, while Patrick "MentalistC" Fan will participate from his Singapore residence.

Upon the signing of Alphama, Head Coach Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders had mentioned that the team has been waiting for "the Japanese government to ease the state of emergency and allow entrance", but the main focus has been "to get all players into Asia".

Strategic Coach Crapelle had also seemed upbeat about the possibility of relocating to Japan prior to Stage 1 of the 2021 season, saying that the move is "looking closer than ever".

Disappointingly for them, the state of emergency in Japan has not yet been eased, which has led to Fnatic unable to move to Japan as planned prior to Stage 1.

March 5th: Hotshot Leaves Elevate

March 1st: FAV Gaming Re-Signs Former Player Raiser

FAV Gaming, the APAC North roster that traces its roots to the inaugural APAC champions eiNs, has re-signed its own former player of Ken "Raiser" Takazawa.

Raiser rejoins the squad after having been with the team since its eiNs days in Season 7 of the Pro League, up until Season 9, when the team had signed with FAV. He had then briefly been on GUTS Gaming, before joining other national-level rosters prior to him rejoining FAV Gaming.

March 1st: Fnatic Drops Acez After Over Four Years

Fnatic Drops Acez After Over Four Years

After four years together with the roster, stretching back to the Six Invitational 2017 with Mindfreak on the Xbox, Matthew "Acez" McHenry has been dropped by Fnatic.

Read the full article, with head coach Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders' explanation about the change here.

February 26th: Fnatic Signs Alphama

Fnatic Signs Alphama: "[He] quickly became our top priority"

In what will come as a surprise to most, Fnatic has signed Léo "Alphama" Robine after the Frenchman had an unsuccesful 2020 stint with North American team eUnited.

Read the full article here.

February 24th: SnoowW Joins LFO (ex-MercenarieZ)

Following the departure of LFO's captain of DOC7ER, the team has opted to pick up the Bangladeshi player of SnoowW as their fifth from Demios Force.

February 16th: AngryX to Trial on Xavier Roster in Place of Redsun

Xavier Esports captain Thiti "Redsun" Chairoek announced on Twitter today the decision of his team to trial Pirapat "AngryX" Pimthanapoonporn in his place for approximately "one to three weeks".

The as-of-yet temporary change will happen next month at the start of the new APAC League season, with Redsun set to continue to play until then in the ongoing fourth season of the Operation League Thailand.

Xavier Esports had finished the 2020 season of the APAC North Division in fourth place, with Redsun having been one of the best performers on his team and in the entire league. In Stage 2, he had been rated the seventh-best player in the league, with the fourth-highest KOST (74%).

AngryX, meanwhile, hails from the Thai domestic setup, having played in every season of the Operation League Thailand so far with Young Blood, NEX Esports, and now Xavier Esports.

No reason for the change has been given yet and it is not entirely clear if the swap is likely to be made permanent.

However, Redsun's tweets have indicated the possibility that it may be permanent, stating that he "hopes the decisions of everyone on the team will make the team move in a better direction," and that he will be "looking after it" until the "end of [his] duties".

As such, Redsun will be on the substitute bench until sometime near the "end of the year", joining Peeranut "WARBARK" Tiraboot there, but has vowed to "not stop playing Rainbow Six".

February 3rd: Nora-Rengo Signs Former Union Gaming Coach VBM

The former coach of South Asian side Union Gaming, Varun "VBM" Bir Mohindra, has signed with Nora-Rengo as its Rainbow Six coach.

With all five of the Nora-Rengo players having let their contracts with the organisation lapse, VBM joins the team in what seems to be a transition period, with his signing indicating that an entirely new roster is to come.

The new-look Nora-Rengo, with VBM as coach, will be able to play in the 2021 APAC North Division season given that at least two of its players had been in the APAC North Division in 2020, as the organisation still holds onto the league license and not the recently departed roster.

A new Rainbow Six roster for the organisation will also mean that the Nora-Rengo R6Share skin will return to the in-game store after it was pulled following the departure of its 2020 season roster.

VBM had signed with Union Gaming before the Six November Major 2020, where his team had finished second to MercenarieZ, and had also been part of the team that was runner-up to the same opposition at the South Asian Finals of the 2020 APAC League.

January 22nd: Sunbi Leaves Talon Esports

After 16 months on the team, Talon's coach of Eun "Sunbi" Jang has left Talon following a disappointing ninth-place finish during the 2020 Season.

January 22nd: Cloud joins Starting Lineup for GUTS, Joghurt Joins as Coach

After spending 16 months as the coach for GUTS Gaming, Yuya "Cloud" Inoue has joined the starting roster for the team with Tomohiro "Joghurt" Ito replacing him as a coach.

Cloud is best known for his time on Nora Rengo back in 2018 when he attended the Season 7 Finals -- Nora's first international event -- while Joghurt coached Unsold Stuff Gaming in the Pro and Challenger Leagues.

It is, however, currently unclear who Cloud will be replacing on the team as the lineup consists of six players at the moment. Whoever leaves the roster is expected to join Nora-Rengo as they require two current pros to keep their 2021 Season spot after four players left last week.

This time, GUTS Gaming's coach Cloud (@Cloud_R6S) has returned to the players.
There is a strong desire to return as a player after serving as a coach.
From now on, he has returned to the players in order to fight in a more solid state as a team.
We look forward to your continued support.

January 22nd: AngMoh Leaves LFO

January 21st: CAG Signs Hybrid as Analyst

The Italian ex-SCARZ coach of Riccardo "Hybrid" Massimino Font has joined the Japanese team of Cyclops Athlete Gaming ahead of their Six Invitation appearance next month. For more on this story including an interview with the team check out the dedicated article here.

Januray 20th: DWG KIA Signs GC Busan Spear for APAC North 2021

The newly-promoted Korean roster of GC Busan Spear has signed with the reigning LoL world champions of DWG KIA. learn more about this story here.

January 18th: CAG Signs Fuji3 as Coach

January 15th: Four-Fifths of Nora-Rengo Roster Leaves Organisation

Announced at midnight in Japan, four-fifths of the Nora-Rengo roster has now been confirmed to have left the organisation.

Read the full article here.

January 11th: Electrify Esports Roster Leaves Org, License Transfer Pending

After finishing last season in 11th place and surviving their relegation matchup, the Electrify Esports lineup has left their organisation.

It is with great sadness to say that we have not reached an extension agreement with our current R6 team and that they are free agents coming up to the Feburary transfer window...

EFY currently holds the license however we agree to transfer it over to any team which picks up this roster.

After initially qualifying for the APAC North league under contested circumstances, where the players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines had been barred from participating, the Taiwanese lineup quickly joined the British organization of Electrify. However, it failed to secure many wins across the two stages.

In the end, they finished the season in 11th with four wins across 20 games putting them in the relegation zone. The team successfully survived the relegations thanks to a 2-0 win over their Thai opposition booking them a spot in the 2021 Season.

Now, just a matter of days after the Electrify R6Share skin has released in-game, the team has opted not to renew their contracts with the organisation for next year.

While Electrify owns the league licence, not the roster, EFY in their statement above have said they will transfer the licence along to a new org to ensure the players don't lose their spot in the tournament -- a step not carried out by Evil Geniuses, Luminosity Gaming, eUnited, or Tempo Storm in the North American scene. 

This means the players will now be searching for a new organisation before the 2021 season starts back up in March. Should they be unable to find a new organisation, Electrify will presumably find replacement players of their own and keep the APAC North spot.

January 8th:  Noble esports Roster Leaves Org, Loona and Presidnt Let Go

The Noble esports roster has left its organisation, with the two substitutes of Kaya "Loona" Omori and Jacob "Presidnt" dropped from the team.

December 31st: MercenarieZ Lineup Leaves Org

The reigning South Asian champions of MercenarieZ has dropped their roster ahead of the South Asian Finals against Union Gaming next month. This comes just a few days after the team captain of DOC7ER announced his retirement. The Stage One, Two, and November Regional Major winners will now likely be looking for a replacement organisation before the 2021 season kicks off in March.

MrcZ is announcing the emancipation of our Great Rainbow Six Siege Roster. They gave us a fruitful year and a lot to be proud of. We wish them good luck in their future endeavor.

December 29th: DOC7ER Retires from MercenarieZ

The captain of the reigning South Asian champions of MercenarieZ of Jamal "DOC7ER" Qasim Khan has announced he will be retiring from R6S following the South Asian Finals in January.

Since the South Asian region joined the international circuit, DOC7ER led MRCZ to regional victories during Stage one and two, a Regional Major title in November, and a runners-up finish in August. Furthermore, MRCZ made it to the SI Qualifier semi-finals taking the eventual champions of CYCLOPS to overtime. This makes DOC7ER one of the most successful players in the region and his team by far the most decorated. 

Long story short! Man’s getting old and need to start helping my dad in business or whatever life throws at me since im the only son. Tho Blessed to have such an amazing family i wasnt forced or anything but i think now is the right time to start taking things practically. Because i cannot manage both right now.

Been thinking about this from October 2020 but then we as a team never got time to rest! Its been a hell of a run. I achieved so much during my reign and one thing im always gonna be proud of is that i was always at the top. Well with that said its time to step down and enjoy the game from the crowd’s POV. Im still with my team its a family now but will not play competitive anymore. Not just competitive but as whole not gonna be gaming anymore as casual gaming never satisfy my thirst.

This 9th January game is gonna be my last game. Just gonna rest after this. Maybe one fine day you’ll see me again when the time is right. Till then remember me in your good words.

The January 9th game referenced is the South Asian Finals against Union Gaming to crown the 2020 regional champions while it's likely his return "when the time is right" would be for the 2022 World Cup considering DOC7ER is one of only two notable Pakistani players.

December 29th: Team Ferox Leaves Org

The Team Ferox organisation has collapsed due to covid-related financial difficulties leading them to close down and drop all their teams. This includes their R6S roster which finished the recent Oceanic Nationals in seventh place before successfully surviving relegations. 

This means the players will be looking for an organisation for the upcoming Oceanic Nationals season. Unlike with the exit of Tempo Storm or eUnited, this move does not mean the roster loses their OCN spot as APAC South (consisting of Oceania and South Asia) does not use the licensed format which every other sub-region uses. This effectively means it works just as the old Pro League format did where the players hold the league spot completely irregardless of org backing.

December 12th: Fnatic Confirms First-Ever Six Invitational Miss

For the first time ever, the Fnatic roster will not be attending the Six Invitational, as announced today ahead of the Six Invitational 2021.

Having attended the Six Invitational in 2017 on Xbox and in 2018 -- both under Mindfreak -- and then the 2019 and 2020 editions under Fnatic, the APAC titans' absence will be felt at the 2021 event.

Perennially billed as a dark-horse team at the event, no matter its recent international success, the Fnatic roster has always qualified to the main stage -- a matter of great pride for its coach of Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders. However,  the team will be unable to repeat this feat in 2021 as it has chosen to focus on its move from Australia to Japan in order to properly compete in the APAC North Division.

The roster had been set to make its move right after the end of Season 11 of the Pro League in May, but had been unable to due to travel restrictions in and out of Australia and Japan brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While allowed to play in the APAC North Division for the 2021 season, high latency against the other Asian teams (brought about by the fact that four of five players were a great distance away in Australia) meant that the roster barely escaped the relegation zone.

Determined to return its players to their former APAC-champions glory in the 2021 season, Fnatic has decided to forgo playing in the Six Invitational 2021 qualifiers and instead use the off-season to focus its roster on moving to Japan.

December 10th: SCARZ Disbands After Relegation

The former Korean Pro League champions of SCARZ have disbanded after relegation from the APAC North Division.

November 19th: Yass to Play for GC Busan Spear Over ChanZo in APAC North Relegations

The hottest team in Korea outside of Cloud9, Gaming Club Busan Spear (GBS), has announced that it will be playing with Yoo "yass" Sang-hoon in place of Wonkyun "ChanZo" Jeon. The move comes as a surprise, having been announced right on the first day of their APAC North Relegations matches.

The team has enjoyed great success in Korea with ChanZo, finishing second to Cloud9 in the Korean Open 2020 - Summer, but it seems that a semi-finals loss to SGA eSports in the Autumn edition of the national tournament prompted GBS to make a change.

Despite that, GBS had beat both APAC North rivals, SCARZ and Talon Esports, by 2-0 margins in the Korean Open.

Fans will be familiar with yass, with the player having played for SCARZ in Stage 1 of the 2020 season of the APAC North Division. That's not all the top-flight experience yass has, having played for SCARZ in Seasons 10 and 11 of the Pro League as well, while also having had made it to the APAC Finals in Season 9 with Ageless.

Only time will tell, however, if GBS has made the right call with such a late change.

November 1st: Candy Replaces Merieux on Nora-Rengo Ahead of APAC North Relegations

Following the departure of Tsukasa "Merieux" Asano from the team, Nora-Rengo has signed Masahiro "Candy" Minagi from the Sengoku Gaming roster.

November 1st: Merieux Leaves Nora-Rengo Ahead of APAC North Relegations

After spending all of his top-flight career on Nora-Rengo, since the Six Invitational 2018 Japan Qualifier, Tsukasa "Merieux" Asano has left Nora-Rengo. His departure comes after Nora-Rengo finished in 10th place in the 12-team APAC North Division, thus sending the team to relegations.

The team is currently set to face eva:e in the APAC North Relegations on the 21st of November. The match is of particular note because former Nora-Rengo player Riku "Maavi" Kaizo had left Nora-Rengo, allegedly acrimoniously, and had joined eva:e right after.

Current eva:e player Maavi with Nora-Rengo at the OGA PIT Minor in 2019.

Merieux's departure means that only Toya "Papilia" Miyazawa remains on the team that made it to the semi-finals of both the Season 8 Pro League Finals and the Six Invitational 2019. For his part, Merieux will be retiring from Rainbow Six and will look towards pursuing a career in Valorant instead and is currently looking for a team.

His exit at this stage also leaves Nora-Rengo needing to gel with a new player ahead of their relegation game against eva:e. However, with no scheduled matches for the team to do so, until that game, the former APAC champions may be looking at relegation from the APAC North division for the 2021 season.

October 31st: Qconfirm Coach Tanler Leaves Team

After one year coaching the Thai players of Qconfirm, Tan "Tanler" Manosamut has left the team.

October 20: Ar7hur Leaves Nora-Rengo, Alleges Unpaid Salaries

After a disappointing 2020 season in the APAC North Division, Nora-Rengo's Brazilian coach of Arthur "Ar7hur" Schubert has announced that the 22nd of October will be his last day with the team. This is following confirmation that the Japanese team would have to play in Relegations.

Read the full article here.