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Esport Awards 2020 - Nominate the Best of R6!

Nominate the best R6 has to offer for the 2020 Esports Awards.

Esport Awards 2020 - Nominate the Best of R6!

The nominations for the fifth annual Esport Awards opened last month, allowing esport fans to nominate the best players, staff, talent, and companies in esports since October 2019. With Rainbow Six: Siege quickly becoming one of the biggest games in the esports world, this is a great opportunity to get those within our scene the recognition they deserve.

Last year, members of the Siege scene earnt nominations for various awards:

  • Rainbow Six: Siege for Game of the Year (finished third)
  • S3xyCakeLaXInG, and Yung for Play of the Year (which S3xyCake won) 
  • Pengu for Player of the Year
  • dan for Rookie of the Year
  • Ubisoft for Publisher of the Year
  • Six Invitational 2019 for Live Event of the Year
  • G2 Esports for Team of the Year
  • Nyvi Estephan for Host of the Year (finished third)
  • Peter Chau for Photographer of the Year

This year, as Siege has grown, there is now an opportunity to beat this total and get even more finalists to show the wider esports world how strong the R6 community is. 

To nominate your picks, go to the Esports Awards website here and select the categories, enter your picks, and roll for a chance to win prizes with their company sponsors. The successful nominees will attend the 2020 award show in Arlington, Texas in October, where the prizes will be awarded in front of the biggest names in the industry.

As well as R6 for Game of the Year, Ubisoft for Publisher of the Year, the 2020 Six Invitational for Live Event of the Year and, of course, SiegeGG for Coverage Website of the Year, we asked a number of community members from all four regions who they'd pick from the following nine categories since October 2019 with the following responses (the highlighted responses got the most picks and so was included in the above video):

  • Player of the Year
    • Rampy
    • Shaiiko, Pino, Canadian, Rask, Muzi, CTZN and Beaulo
  • Play of the Year
    • neLo's 1v4 vs WC
    • Gio's 1v5 vs SiN, ion's 1v4 vs SNG, Pyscho's clutch vs BDS, Rampy's clutch vs NiP, Kamikaze clutch vs G2
  • Team / Org of the Year
    • Spacestation Gaming R6
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas R6 and Team SoloMid R6
Spacestation Gaming with their Six Invitational caber.
  • Coach of the Year
    • Lycan
    • Silence, jahk and XQQ
  • Caster (colour and play by play) of the Year
    • KiXSTAr
    • Meligeni, Interro, Raven and Dezachu
  • Host of the Year
    • Velly
    • Anna Prosser, Jacki Jing, Milosh and Matt Andrews
Velly with the 2019 Host of the Year, Goldenboy.
  • Broadcast Analyst of the Year
    • Devmarta
    • mzo and Jess 
  • Content Creator / Streamer of the Year
    • MacieJay
    • Get_Flanked, Coconut Brah, Razah, Lagonis, Wokka and Gaulês
  • Personality of the Year
    • Fabian
    • Velly, Canadian, CaliberJacob, CoconutBrah, supr, Easily, Leroy Athanassoff, and Magnet
Fabian at the Six Major Raleigh.

Those asked include Stoax, Yung, Goddess, and Flynn from North America, Twister, Budega and Viic from Latin America, p4sh4, FuriouSG, and Dezachu from Europe, and Guzz, Ar7hur, and BlackRay from Asia-Pacific.

As well as these categories, there are also 18 others:

  • PC Rookie of the Year

    While no brand-new player has had the opportunity to make a huge mark since just last October, the best candidate for the category likely is Fultz as he won the USN and Six Invitational within 14 months of turning 18. 

  • Creative Categories - Cosplay, Creative Piece, Creative, Photographer, Videographer, Content Team and Content Series of the Year

    While all extremely subjective, this gives a chance for the giver growing creative side of the game to get some recognition also.

  • Supporting Categories - Commercial Partner, Hardware Provider, Journalist, Supporting Agency and Lifetime Achievement Award

    All of these help support the esports world behind the camera and is crucial in the growth we have seen in all games over the last few years.

The remaining five categories all involve console, mobile, and collegiate players hence are not relevant to R6 esports due to the lack of support there.


Once again, be sure to cast your nomination here and keep an eye out here, at SiegeGG for updates when the results are announced!