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Six Invitational 2020 by the Numbers: Group D

Before the Six Invitational 2020 kicks off on February 7th, we break down each group by the numbers.

By the Numbers is an article series breaking down each group with a statistics-focused analysis. This iteration covers Group C of the Six Invitational 2020, in which the sixteen best teams meet in Montreal for the title of world champions. To jump to a specific team, click on their name below:

Group Overview

One of the more diverse groups, Group D comprises Team Reciprocity, Wildcard Gaming, BDS Esport, and G2 Esports. In the past six months, neither Reciprocity nor Wildcard have met any members of the group. BDS and G2, by nature of being from the same region, have met multiple times during that time frame. G2 has defeated BDS in three of their four matchups in Pro League, OGA PIT, and DreamHack Montreal. However, the two teams have appeared to be closer on individual maps, as G2 have only won five of the eight maps in their meetings.

Each team's map record in the Six Major, Pro League Finals, and online Pro League during the past six months (W-D-L).

G2 Esports soars above the other group members in both wins and win percentage (69%). Their fellow European squad BDS Esport follow with a 56% winrate, albeit a lower map count. In the back of the group, Team Reciprocity and Wildcard Gaming share a 44% map winrate in the past six months. Only one of Wildcard's map wins came from an international event, though, with five more in the overall Asia-Pacific events and five in Australia and New Zealand.

Team Reciprocity

Team Reciprocity have remained very consistent in the SiegeGG Rankings, fluctuating between #14 and #10 in the past six months. They were eliminated in the group stage of DreamHack Montreal, but followed it up with a second place season in North American Pro League and a semi-finals appearance at the Pro League Season 10 Finals. In the United States Nationals, they fell short of Spacestation Gaming in the grand final. At the midseason point in Season 11, they currently are in the middle of the pack with ten points.

Team Reciprocity's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

Team Reciprocity, despite their current fourth place standing in North America, looks to be a solid team statistically. FoxA and LaXInG are in the top ten for the region by rating with VertcL not far behind and Retro leads the competition in plants (10). However, Reciprocity seems to have been on the short end of the trade with DarkZero Esports that brought in Nyx for Skys as Nyx has the second worst KOST% at the midseason point.

Team Reciprocity's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

In their most recent international event, Team Reciprocity advanced to the semi-finals before falling to the eventual champions Natus Vincere in a three map affair. Since then, they have swapped VertcL for Mark and traded Nyx for Skys. Comparing their performance at the Season 10 Finals to the first half of Season 11, FoxA and LaXInG have picked up the slack missing from Skys' departure and VertcL has proven to be an improvement over Mark, but Retro and Nyx have left something to be desired. For Reciprocity to make another deep LAN event run, these two will be a key to contribute more to the squad.

Team Reciprocity's player stats during the Pro League Season 10 Finals.

Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming had marked their place in the mid-twenties of the SiegeGG Ranking until the most recent update, in which they fell to #34. In the past six months, they have had limited international experience as only one of their map wins came from an international event. The rest were split evenly among the overall Asia-Pacific events and in Australia and New Zealand. Their recent drop in the rankings account for a lackluster performance in ANZ this season, as the time has won just three maps while drawing three and losing two.

Wildcard Gaming's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

Despite the team's current standing, every player on Wildcard Gaming has earned a rating of 1.00 or better. Three of the five placed in the top ten of the region rating-wise as well as in KOST%. Diesel, while earning a top ten kill +/-, also had the third most plants in the region at the midseason break. The team's statistical weakest link, NeophyteR, would have the highest rating on multiple other teams in the competition, so what is holding the team back? 

Wildcard Gaming's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

Despite playing the four worst teams in the region, Wildcard Gaming have tied or lost a map on every single playday. Against HomeLess, Fury, and SiNister, they tied a map while winning the other. In the second week of the season, they gave Kanga Esports their only map win of the season so far. With their recent inability to put away worse opponents, Wildcard is prone to struggle in the Six Invitational.

The standings in Australia and New Zealand through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

BDS Esport

BDS Esport began the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking at #28 but have surged up since, peaking at #7. At DreamHack Montreal last September, before their first jump up the rankings, they fought through BYOC and the group stage on their way to claiming 3rd place at the event. The squad qualified for the current Pro League season through Challenger League, defeating GiFu in the relegation match. BDS  then qualified for the OGA PIT Minor through the European Qualifier, but were eliminated in their first match by Team Liquid. Continuing their online qualifier streak, they qualified for the Six Invitational 2020 after beating Team Secret in the European Qualifier. 

BDS Esport's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

So far in Pro League Season 11, BDS Esport have put up an average performance in the standings, winning three maps, drawing one, and losing the other three. At the midseason point, their player stats show the top-heaviness of the team with Renshiro and Shaiiko have earned a 1.22 and 1.23 rating, respecively while rxwd and RaFaLe place in the seven worst rated players in Europe. Renshiro has earned a spot in the top three for KOST% and rating, where he is joined by Shaiiko.

BDS Esport's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

The grap between BDS Esport's best and worst player, Renshiro and RaFaLe, came within 0.20 rating points just once during the season, when RaFaLe outperformed Renshiro against Team Empire. In every other match, Renshiro blew past RaFaLe, who earned a top rating of 1.34 and a bottom of 0.45. At the Six Invitational, BDS will not be able to do much with a continued, large disparity among the players. 

Renshiro's and RaFaLe's match-by-match performance during the first half of Pro League Season 11.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports rounds out Group D—and the Six Invitational 2020 by the Numbers series—as the Ubisoft-invited team. The squad had made a good case for themselves at points during the year, winning a consecutive Six Invitational and coming up short in the grand final of the Six Major Raleigh. Still, they came up short in their opportunities to qualify for the event at DreamHack Montreal, the OGA PIT Minor, Pro League Season 10, and the online qualification for Europe. At the midseason point in Pro League Season 11, G2 again resides out of the necessary standing to qualify for the international finals, albeit by just a few points. 

G2 Esports' placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

G2 Esports follow this group's theme of top-heavy teams with just two players earning a rating of 1.00 or better this season. They were the only squad in Europe to make a roster swap this season, adding SirBoss for Cryn. Neither player has shined in their time with the team, though SirBoss had just eleven rounds as an official member of the team. Pengu and Fabian placed in the top ten in Europe for their ratings while Kantoraketti and UUNO regressed from their Pro League Season 10 performances. 

G2 Esports' player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

In the most recent major event, G2 Esports came in second place behind Team Empire after a previously-flawless tournament. This weekend, they will look to do that again but continue their level of play through the grand final. Even if Fabian maintains his high level of play, G2 will need Kantoraketti to return to the quality that the team has come to expect from him. At Raleigh, Goga stepped up as a support player and fragger, which is possible from multiple players on the current G2. If the team is able to get hot again, as they consistently have in the big tournament moments, the Six Invitational 2020 could be a three-peat for them.

G2 Esports' player stats during the Six Major Raleigh.

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