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APAC Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 10

UPDATE: [KR] Cloud9 head coach, SummerRain, to retire after APAC Finals to focus on casting.

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the Season 10 mid-season transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the Asia-Pacific region and keep up to date with the other three regions on the NA, EU and LATAM threads.

Summary of Changes So Far

South Korea

Cloud9 - CATsang joins, SummerRain retires to focus on casting

Australia and New Zealand

Zealous - Roster joins Team CryptiK, Nazgul leaves

Southeast Asia

Aerowolf - Jrdn replaces SPirited as sixth player, MentalistC to stop playing at the end of Season 10

Team Void - Reveck, Saber2k, and jrdn leave, stev and Detrian join


NORA-Rengo - Wendyzera leaves as Assistant Coach, Maavie replaces Ramu

Unsold Stuff Gaming - Kohk1 and SouLBoi joins

Father's Back - Admin and Abitun replace Kakitare and Apple

Roster Changes

[KR] Oct 16th: Cloud9 Head Coach, SummerRain, to Retire After APAC Finals to Focus on Casting

Cloud9 has announced that their head coach, Inyeong "SummerRain" Kim will be retiring after the Season 10 APAC Finals, held on the 19th and 20th October, to focus on his casting career. Taking over will be current assistant coach and former team captain, Hyeon "OniChan" Park, who had to step down from playing duties due to the mandatory Korean two-year national service.

It is unclear if SummerRain will delay his retirement if Cloud9 qualifies for the Pro League Finals in Tokoname, Japan, but the move marks an end to his two-year career as head coach. OniChan, or OCN, will thus be thrust back into the limelight, a position he had enjoyed as a player until national service had called for him after the end of Season 8.

Read - SummerRain: "[Thinking of the bracket] only makes us nervous"

[JP] Oct 7th: Admin and Abitun replace Kakitare and Apple on Father's Back

After scraping together a measly four points from fourteen maps played in Season 10 of the Pro League, and participating in two DreamHack events with no success, Father's Back have finally made a roster change in preparation for their run through Season 10 of the Challenger League. Departing the main roster are Kakitare and Apple, while Abitun and Admin come in to fill their spots. Admin had been part of the Father's Back roster over three years ago, when APAC was limited to community cups, and now returns to his old side. Apple, for his part, will stay with Father's Back, though he is likely to be limited to a streamer and substitute role.

[JP] Sept 15th: Maavie Replaces Ramu on NORA-Rengo

As announced live following NORA-Rengo's 2019 Tokyo Game Show victory over Team Secret, Maavie will replace Ryuki "Ramu" Matsuokao on the Japanese lineup. Explaining the change on Twitter, he indicated that he is likely to continue competing, though his next team is undecided:

As was announced in the broadcast, I will leave NORA-Rengo. As for the reason, it is to focus on expanding the range of my activities such as YouTube. To all my supporters, I'm sorry for this sudden announcement, but this is my own decision, so please keep supporting NORA and Ramu as always. The new team is not determined but I will consider it in the future.

His departure from NORA-Rengo comes after Yudai "Wokka" Ichise had left the team earlier in the year, citing a struggle to support himself financially through competitive Rainbow Six. Instead of playing competitively, Wokka had chosen to focus on streaming and content creation on YouTube as well, much like how Ramu has now decided to focus on growing his own channel, which currently has 70, 000 subscribers.

While Maavie has no Pro or Challenger League experience, Ramu has been playing in Japanese tournaments since early 2017 with him joining NR just ahead of the 2019 Six Invitational. Since then, he has helped the team achieve a top four finish at the Invitational and a top eight finish in Season 9 but has now been replaced by a rising star in the scene following a first-round exit from the Raleigh Major. 

Maavie only turned 18 years-old recently, and has immediately been thrown into the deep end, having to replace a player of Ramu's calibre on a team that has seen strong international success. His debut game in the Pro League will come on Thursday against the last placed team of Father's Back as they attempt to lock in their spot at the Season 10 APAC LAN as early as possible.

Having previously played on the junior NORA-Rengo team, NORA-Rengo J, Maavie participated in a smattering of Japanese tournaments alongisde players such as Shinya "prototype_1z" Nishiwaki, who had made it to the Season 6 Finals and Six Invitational 2018 with eiNs. With NR choosing him as the replacement for Ramu, one can only expect fireworks from this young gun, and many eyes will be on him come the 19th of September.

[SEA] Sep 3rd: MentalistC to stop playing past Season 10

Aerowolf player Patrick "MentalistC" Fan has announced that he will be stop playing at the end of Season 10 of the Pro League, citing health and academic reasons. Thanks to the extremely rigorous Singaporean school system, MentalistC -- currently a first year Junior College (Grade 11) student -- has revealed that he has been short of time and sleep while trying to also juggle a professional career.

Initially having planned to take a year off from studies in 2020 to allieviate the issue of two careers competing for his time, his goal was to try to become a full-time Rainbow Six player. However, a change in his father's work posting from Singapore to another country meant that MentalistC would be unable to stay in the country unless on a student visa, which meant that he could not take a gap year from his studies.

Thanks to the high workload in Singapore leading up to the national-level 'A'-Level examinations next year, and to protect his mental and physical health, discussions with his family led to the conclusion that juggling both was "impractical". Despite his willingness to go full-time, with mandatory two-year National Service looming for Jeremy "HysteRiX" Tan and Matin "SpeakEasy" Yunos, it proved impossible for the whole of Aerowolf to go full-time. As such, MentalistC has come to the reluctant conclusion to stop playing at the end of Season 10.

However, despite that, MentalistC has promised that he will try to make a return to the game once his academic pressure subsides. Aerowolf, meanwhile, will have half a season to look for a new fifth player past Season 10, or could promote Jordan "jrdn" Cheng to the main lineup.

[SEA] Aug 28th: Jrdn Replaces SPirited as Aerowolf's Sixth Player

Aerowolf has confirmed the signign of Team Void player Jordan "jrdn" Cheng as a replacement for the outgoing Ni "SPirited" Tung Min. SPirited was the substitute player for Aerowolf and was called into action multiple times throughout the course of his time with Aerowolf, often as a replacement when team captain Glen "Lunarmetal" Suryasaputra was busy with his university studies.

SPirited exits after having spent almost exactly nine months with Aerowolf, citing work-related issues to be taking up his time.

[SEA] Aug 26th: Reveck, Saber2k, and jrdn leave Team Void, stev and Detrian join

Team Void has seen the departure of three of its members, most notably Warren "Reveck" Lim, former Aerowolf player, who has called time on his Rainbow Six career. Saber2k and Jordan "jrdn" Cheng have also left the team, with the latter apparently on his way to Southeast Asian giants Aerowolf.

Reveck's loss is certain to be significant to Team Void, as he was one of the most experienced players in the scene, having been to the Six Invitational 2017 and multiple APAC LAN events. However, the loss will be somewhat mitigated by the pick-up of Detrian, another old hand around the scene -- though not as experienced as Reveck. Having been the captain of the now-disbanded Ferox E-Sports, he marks his return to playing days after a brief hiatus. Coming alongside him will also be Pro League debutant stev.

[JP] August 23rd: Wendyzera Leaves NORA-Rengo as Assistant Coach

【Notice of Resignation】
This time, the assistant coach of the Siege division @Wendyzera has resigned in order to return to playing.
It was a short time, but we are indebted to you for coaching.

[JP] August 20th: Kohk1 and SouLBoi Join Unsold Stuff Gaming

The following two players have joined. @SouLBoi__ @sprkohki

We will do our best in the second half of the PL with the new members, thank you for your support!!

[ANZ] Jul 26th: Zealous Roster Joins Team CryptiK, Nazgul Leaves

The fifth-seeded ANZ roster of Zealous has been acquired by the organisation of Team CryptiK, best known for their previous involvement with the SEA scene. At the same time, Nazgul has left the team.

Zealous entered the ANZ Pro League after finishing in second place in Season 9 of the Challenger League and securing the automatic promotion. Now in the Pro League, they have surprised many by defeating teams such as FURY and Power Plays (now disbanded) to put themselves in a position where they have more than two times the points of the sixth-placed team with just three best-of-twos remaining in the league. This performance has now attracted an organisation to the scene as they have been picked up by Team CryptiK who reenters R6 after 14 months away.

Team CryptiK previously was represented by the roster now known as Aerowolf and made it to both the Season 6 and 7 APAC Finals, finishing just a single map away from International Finals on two occasions. Now, they have rejoined R6 with this signing that they hope will give them similar successes. 

[KR] Jul 23rd: CATsang Joins Cloud9 as Sixth Player

Sewoong "CATsang" Heo, who previously played for teams such as Ageless and New Life, has joined Cloud9 as a sixth player.

CATsang first gained international attention in Season 8 when New Life finished the season ahead of the favourites of mantisFPS (now known as Cloud9) as the top South Korean seed before falling to NORA-Rengo at the subsequent APAC Finals. A similar storyline played out in Season 9, where Ageles qualified for the APAC LAN and once again fell to NORA-Rengo in the quarter-finals -- though not before giving them a strong fight, with significant contributions from CATsang.

Following this, CATsang was dropped by the roster and joined the Challenger League team of TRIPPY at the end of Season 9 where he was instrumental in helping them in their pursuit for promotion to the Pro League for Season 10. Now, however, after half a season with the team in the Pro League, he will exit TRIPPY to join one of the biggest organisations in R6 -- Cloud9 -- as they look to make some changes after failing to qualify for the Six Major next month.


And so that's every change within the Asia-Pacific region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!