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LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 9

LATEST: LEVBXD Joins ReD DevilS e-Sports.

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window between Season 9 and 10 of the Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the Latin American region and keep up to date with the other three regions on the APACEU and NA threads.

Summary of Changes So Far

paiN Gaming - gCR released, D1OGO1 and ghost1 joins, SpawNsss leaves

ReD DevilS e-Sports - Hit, Vnx and igoorctg Leave, Cyprus joins, Abreu and VelveT kicked, LEVBXD joins

Black Dragons e-Sports - Thyy leaves as analyst, GdNN1 suspended, Muringa leaves, Live rejoins

Team Liquid - Muringa joins

INTZ eSports Club - Vnx joins, Yuuk leaves

Roster Changes

July 6th: LEVBXD Joins ReD DevilS e-Sports

June 30th: VelveT and Abreu Leave ReD DevilS e-Sports

Gabriel "VelveT" Stedile and Felipe "Abreu" da Silva have left ReD DevilS after being benched by the team. 

These two players were part of the original roster which joined ReD DevilS almost a year ago on the 4th of July 2018 in advance of Season 8 of the Challenger League. The roster went on to win this season and be automatically promoted to the Pro League for Season 9, replacing the ex-ReD DevilS roster of Black Dragons in the process. Since then ReD DevilS have found very little success in any tournaments as they ended Season 9 of the Pro League in seventh place and currently sit in the last place in the BR6 2019 league with zero wins and just one game remaining.

The roster's next game will be this final game of the season in the BR6 League where they will need to beat INTZ and hope paiN Gaming lose their match against Immortals to avoid auto-relegation from the league. Following this, we will see them play in the two extremely hard matchups against Team Liquid and Immortals as they hope to find their first points of the Pro League season on the 10th and 12th of July. 

Guys, Abreu and I have disconnecting from the main lineup of Red DevilS. Unfortunately, the majority decided for a change in which I did not think was fair and saw no more motivation to be playing this way, as the alternative was to go to the reserves.

We're still under contract with the organization, but we won't be playing. I hope you understand and respect our decision. Good luck to the rest of the line in the future.

June 7th: Cypris Joins ReD DevilS and Yuuk Leaves INTZ

Lucas "yuuk" Rodrigues has left INTZ eSports to be replaced by Vinicius "Vnx" Mello who himself is replaced by CypriSs in ReD DevilS.

Yuuk is best known for his time on what eventually turned into the Team Liquid roster for the entirety of Year 2. Here, alongside players such as ziG, Nesk, and Julio, he made it to the Pro league grand-finals in Season 4, falling to PENTA Sports, and the semi-finals of Season 5 where they fell to Elevate. He was later replaced by psk1 in the roster following a group stage exit from the 2018 Six Invitational after a defeat to the APAC team of Mindfreak, later known as Fnatic.

Since then Yuuk spent the majority of Season 8 as a player for Immortals, finding early exits in both the Season 8 Finals and the Paris Major before joining INTZ for Season 9. Here his team narrowly avoided the Pro league relegation zone by overall round difference and currently sits in a LAN qualification position in the Brasileirão national league. He has however been unable to perform in a lot of these games with him achieving a 0.88 Rating and 0.82KD during Season 9 of the Pro League despite being primarily an Ash-main within the roster. He now leaves this roster to become one of the most successful free agents in the Latin American region.

CypriSs meanwhile has a much more limited experience in R6 esports with him winning the Challenger League way back in Season 4 on Factory Assault Team alongside the current INTZ player of Dryx and the ex-Black Dragons player of DocKy. His debut in on the roster will be against Immortals in the BR6 league tomorrow.

June 7th: D1OGO1 and ghost1 Joins paiN Gaming, SpawNsss leaves

The ex-Immortals player of Diogo "D1OGO1" Vieira and the ex-Challenger League player of ghost1 has joined paiN Gaming to replace David "SpawNsss" Bleichvel and the previously departed player of Gabriel "gCR" Teixeira.

D1OGO1 previously played on paiN, then Black Dragons, then Immortals and now back to paiN Gaming with his career highlights coming back in Season 4 when he made it to the Pro League grand-finals and the Paris Major which he qualified for via the open qualifiers. Ghost1 meanwhile is pretty new to the R6 scene with his last notable appearance coming in Season 8 of the Challenger League on Santos e-Sports where his team finished in seventh place with a 4-3-7 win-draw-loss record.

Now these two players will join paiN Gaming for Season 10 of the Challenger League as they attempt to climb their way back up to the Pro League. For now their next game will be in the BR6 league against FaZe Clan on June 16th as they attempt to avoid relegation in that league also.

We have many challenges ahead and we know that the path to the top will not be easy. We restructure and our line arrives with full force to face this season

June 7th: Live Rejoins Black Dragons

After a season on the Challenger League roster of Lowkey Esports, Vinicius "Live" dos Santos has returned to Black Dragons whom he was a substitute for during the first half of Season 9.

After being on the bench for three months, Live left Black Dragons in March to join the Challenger League roster of Lowkey Esports where he helped them finish joint third in Season 9. In this period he topped his team by both rating (1.14) and KD spread (+25) which has caught the eye of his old team as he has now been welcomed back to replace the Liquid-bound player of João "HSnamuringa" Deam.

Black Dragons' next game is tomorrow in the BR6 league where they will debut both Live and the replacement of the suspended player, Juninho "GdNN1" Nunes, against INTZ eSports Club.

June 7th: Vnx Joins INTZ eSports Club

The ex-ReD DevilS e-Sports player of Vinicius "Vnx" Mello has joined INTZ eSports Club after an impressive debut season in the Pro League. 

Vnx joined the Pro League after he impressed during Season 8 of the Challenger League on ReD DevilS e-Sports as he helped the roster win the league and be promoted to the Pro League. While his team struggled and just about kept their spot in the league after a tight relegation matchup at the end of Season 9, Vnx definitely impressed with him getting the only positive rating (1.11) and KD (1.17) on the team throughout the season.

Now he leaves RDS for the sixth-placed team during last season's Pro League, INTZ eSports Club. This now means there are six active players on the INTZ roster meaning we'll likely see a player leave or substituted out before their next match tomorrow in the BR6 league.

May 31st: Muringa Joins Team Liquid

Replacing one of the LATAM regions most well-known players, Leo "ziGueira" Duarte, in Team Liquid enters the ex-Black Dragons and ex-FaZe Clan player of João "muringa" Deam who made the Finals of every tournament he played in from Seasons 5 till the 2019 Six Invitational. Read our full coverage of this move including comments from Muringa and the coach of Team Liquid, André "Sensi" Kaneyasu, right here!

May 31st: Muringa Leaves Black Dragons

After three months on the roster, the ex-FaZe Clan player of João "muringa" Deam has left Black Dragons leaving a notable absence in the lineup.

After four and a half seasons on the FaZe Clan roster, Muringa left after a disappointing performance at the 2019 Six Invitational which saw them fail to advance past the group stage. In the three months since Muringa has helped Black Dragons stay well away from the relegation zone in Latin America as the team ended with a 4-4-6 win-draw-loss record by the end of the season which put them in the fifth position. Now Muringa has left the organisation with both his future destination and replacement unknown which, with the player of GdNN1 still benched, leaves two free spaces in the roster.

Black Dragons' next game is in the BR6 Brazilian national league on June 9th against INTZ eSports where we'll likely see his replacement debut in the team.

Today we say goodbye to the warrior @HSnamuringa, who was briefly with us, but with great pride and dedication! 

May 23rd: Hit and igoorctg Leave ReD DevilS e-Sports

In the space of a few hours the newest addition to the ReD DevilS roster in Hit as well as one of the roster's two coaches, igoorctg, have left the team both for personal reasons.

Igorctg joined the roster prior to the start of Season 8 of the Challenger League last September as he helped the roster win that season and be automatically promoted to the Pro League for Season 9. During Season 9 the team did very little, finishing in seventh place ahead of just paiN Gaming before they defeated YeaH Gaming in the closest Pro League relegation matchup in R6 history which ended in an 8-7, 3-7, 8-7 scoreline to RDS. He now has announced that he has made the decision to leave the roster after eight months on the team.

"Good Night Nation!!! We want to thank our Coach/analyst @igoorctg for all work provided with great dedication and affection and wish good luck in his new phase"

Also leaving the roster is Hit who joined the roster just after the mid-season break to replace Vittzz however after the team won just five rounds in the following three games against Black Dragons (0-7), Immortals (1-7) and INTZ eSports Club (4-7) they replaced Hit with their substitute, Zyon. Due to his 0.54 Rating and 0.41KD over the three games, many people assumed he would be leaving the roster and earlier today it was made official:

"Good night guys, today I'm leaving the Red Devils due to the fact that I'm not feeling well in my position, problems with the lineup and wanting upcoming challenges, from now on I'm a FREE AGENT."

May 23rd: GdNN1 Suspended from Black Dragons as Thyy Leaves as Analyst

Following, a series of match-fixing accusations made by Thiago "Thyy" Nicézio in which he claims Juninho "GdNN1" Nunes from Black Dragons and Ronaldo "ion" Osawa from FaZe Clan conspired to throw matches in aid of each other, GdNN1 has been suspended from the roster until further notice. You can read more about this story here.

”We’re also removing him from the roster till the facts are dully investigated and an official statement by the championship organization is issued.”

In the same tweet chain Thyy, who played on the previous Black Dragons lineup during Season 5 before coaching them to the Pro League grand-finals in Season 6 and joining as an analyst for Season 9 announced that he had stepped down from Black Dragons due to “personal issues that are related to things outside the game”.

May 20th: gCR Released by paiN Gaming

Gabriel "gCR" Teixeira has announced that paiN Gaming has released him from the team following their disastrous Season 9 in the Pro League. paiN Gaming had finished in last place in Latin America and had been auto-relegated into the Challenger League. Their Brasileirão season did not go well either, with the team only managing seven points from twelve games.

While gCR did not have a stunningly fantastic individual season, he was the top-rated player on paiN Gaming, and is likely to be picked up given his extensive experience in the Pro League in which he has been playing since Season 6.