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Future Esports Masters: Day 1 — Quarter-Finals

Catch up on what happened in the two quarter-final games that were held on Day 1 of the Future Esports Masters.

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The Future Esports Masters, a Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) region tournament hosted by Future Esports, is a critical event for the growth of Siege’s esports in a region that is both densely populated and under-publicized. With a 10,000 SAR (US$2,666) prize pool distributed amongst the teams, the tournament hopes to draw attention to a region that doesn’t have Pro League eligibility, nor servers to play the game on.

Osh-Tekk Warriors 7 - 1 Elders Empire

Osh-Tekk Warriors: Eaglex, mL77A, TMENEXT, Steel, Zoldyck
Elders Empire: ATILA, ROMA, d7me, Sherwed, Crazy, ALF

First to play today were Osh-Tekk Warriors, a dominant team in the MENA region composed of two players from Saudi-Arabia, two from Iraq, and a player from Kuwait. A favourite of audiences, the pre-stream chat was filled with cheering for the leader of the pack.

Their foe was Elders Empire, another Saudi-Arabian team, on the map Coastline. Elders opened the banning with getting rid of Montagne, a targeted pick against their foes. The Warriors retaliated with banning Glaz, a more common ban in Pro League. Mira was also banned by the Warriors, with the bans being closed out with Elders Empire’s Smoke pick.

Two back to back Penthouse/Theatre picks without Mira, leading to two swift losses for Empire on defence set the tone for the match early. Empire managed to break the win streak on round 5 with a win of their own, but it was short-lived. The Warriors managed to clinch the match without losing another round.

Pickles eSports 7 - 2 The Real Zone

Pickles eSports: Arrow, xZiyad, M5LL, SuperNOVA, UD
The Real Zone: MaFiAxEl, AljadiOP, seros, MasterOfBreachs, manticalkwt

Our second match was between Saudi-Arabian team Pickles eSports and Kuwaiti team The Real Zone. Yet again set on the shores of Coastline, the bans saw Pickles vetoing Glaz and Pulse, while The Real Zone banning Mira, and a rather unconventional ban onto Ying.

That match held many individually close rounds, but time and time again it was Pickles eSports who took the win.

After five consecutive attack wins, The Real Zone managed to take the last round of the half, switching sides with the score 5-1 Pickles.The second half wasn't as one-sided, but Pickles eSports managed to secure a well-earned victory.


This tournament has already provided two entertaining matches from a region we've seen so very little of. Tomorrow, we have two more exciting matches, and on Thursday we will get to see Osh-Tekk Warriors play Pickles eSports in the semi-finals for guarenteed prize money. With both teams showing aggression, skill, and communication, it will be a match you won't want to miss.