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#10 Player of Year 6: soulz1

soulz1 is our first entry onto the Year 6 top players list!

FaZe Clan has had one of the best years since this team’s inception. They won the Sweden Major, were a top-three team at SI 2022, and have been one of the highest-rated teams in the world dating back to 2021. A big portion of this success is directly due to Lucas “soulz1” Schinke. FaZe Clan’s support player has been excellent, particularly in the clutching department. 

Soulz1 was SiegeGG’s EVP of both the Sweden Major and SI 2022, and has notched 21 clutches over the past 9 months, the most of any player. 

There’s no doubt that soulz1 has had a massive impact on FaZe Clan’s success, both through tangible metrics and intangibles. There’s a reason he’s widely beloved by the Brazilian community and highly thought of by analysts and players alike. He’s one of our top ten players of 2021, and with soulz1 continuing his solid play, the sky's the limit for this FaZe Clan squad. 

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