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Year 6 Team of the Year: Team Empire

For consistently top-tier results throughout the course of the year, the Russian squad takes home Team of the Year honors!

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Consistency is a value, a virtue above most others in Rainbow Six Siege.

Ex-Empire were the epitome of consistency. They’re legendary for their regimented, drilled takes and defenses, running near the same strategy every round and daring you to beat them at their game.

Team Empire do not have a title this year. Indeed, they haven’t had one since the Raleigh Major. However, in this year’s three international tournament sample size, they’ve been to the grand finals in two – Mexico and SI 2022. In the three most prestigious events of the year, they were the second-best in two. No other team comes close to this level of consistency on the biggest stage. Outside of international play, Empire also had second-best records in EUL and at the EUL Finals, falling just short of BDS in both instances.

For this reason, the ex-Empire roster is SiegeGG’s team of the year. This is a roster that has remained on top through multiple metas and significant turbulence due to online regional play. They can never be truly counted out, a testament to their reign.

The way this team’s run ended was depressing, but we will see them back again. They’re too damned good at the game to not be.

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