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Y8S2.3 Designer's Notes - Thorn gets x1.5 sight, Nøkk nerfed, Oryx gets climbing buff

Here are some of the most important changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Today, Ubisoft released the Y8S2.3 Designer's Notes, including information about the current pick rates and future operator changes.

Here's everything you need to know about the present and what's to come to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Operator Pick Rate

On attack, Iana keeps leading the way. She is closely followed by Ash, who has clearly returned to the meta.

Ace is the most played hard breacher in Rainbow Six Siege, followed by Thermite, Hibana, and Maverick.

On defense, Warden is currently the most picked operator. This comes after him getting the x1.5 scope for his MPX.

Meanwhile, Azami and Jäger are in second and third position, respectively. However, Warden's pick rate is close to 50%, while Azami and Jäger's are around 30%.

Keep in mind that these pick rates change from PC to Console. For more information, check Ubisoft's official article.

Operator Ban Rate

Thatcher, Jackal, and Dokkaebi are the three most banned attackers on PC. Meanwhile, Jackal, Thatcher, and Blitz are the most banned attackers on Console.

Defense-wise, Mira, Fenrir, and Kaid are the three most banned operators on PC. Kapkan, Fenrir, and Kaid are the three most banned operators on Console.

Operator Balancing

Here are the changes coming to some operators in Rainbow Six Siege:


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Thorn's UZK50GI will get a x1.5 scope. Ubisoft decision comes to "boost her loadout" due to her being "one of the least picked operator traps on defender lineups."

While this may be true, the UZK50GI is one of the best guns on defense. We expect this change to increase her pick rate hugely.


Ubisoft has decided to remove Nøkk's silent steps while the ability is active. Her ability duration will be increased from 12 to 20 seconds.


Vigil will have Nøkk's same glitching effect. Vigil's ability won't make him immune to Lion and Grim's gadgets.


Oryx will be able to climb hatches faster than ever before, as Ubisoft will reduce the time by 30%.

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