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Y7S3 pre-season Designer’s Notes: Finka to lose grenades, Iana to lose Gonne-6, weapon recoil changes

Here’s all you need to know heading into the next season.

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With Operation Brutal Swarm expected to be released Sep. 6, Rainbow Six Siege has now made official the Pre-Season Designer’s Notes. These intend to give players a better picture of the changes introduced with the launch of the upcoming season.

Operation Brutal Swarm will completely change the game, as the season is focused on balancing.

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Weapon recoil to be changed

Weapon recoil will be different depending on the platform you play Rainbow Six Siege, as consoles have been separated from changes focused on PC.

On top of that, vertical and horizontal recoil has been increased in all weapons on the game. The impact of this measure will be different depending on the gun’s type, with LMGs being the most affected.

Meanwhile, the recoil on console has been softened on the M762, the R4C, the MX4, and the EVO-3 Scorpion. On the other hand, the recoil of the Spear .308, the 6P41, LMG-E, and G8A1 has been increased.

Recoil Attachment

There will be an increase in viable attachments for all the guns on Siege, as the objective is to “enable more customization and choices around how you use these weapons.”

According to Ubisoft, these “changes can be easily read as buffs, as no options have been taken away and any combos you’ve previously liked can still be done (apart from the Flash Hider on DMRs).”

This includes the addition of the Compensator, the Extended Barrel, the Laser, and the Muzzle Brake for multiple guns in the game. Also, the damage reduction has been removed from the Suppressor.

More scopes

A large list of operators will have new scopes added to their loadout, in an attempt from Ubisoft to change the meta in terms of sights.

Introduction of Impact EMP Grenade

Impact EMP Grenades will be added to the game with the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm. Only eight attackers will have it on their loadouts; Osa, Dokkaebi, Nokk, Blackbeard, Sledge, Montagne, Lion, and Gridlock. Recruit will also have access to it.

Fragmentation Grenade collateral destruction reduced

Fragmentation Grenades have also been tweaked, as Ubisoft is “reducing the non-lethal radius of the grenade.”

According to Ubisoft, with this change they will encourage players to have a more precise usage of the utility, despite the lethal range being “nearly the same.”

Hard Breach Charges

The Hard Breach Charges will get activated after four seconds of being deployed, one second less than before the upcoming season.

Operator Changes

On top of that, multiple operators will see changes to their loadouts. Some operators have lost their GONNE-6, while others have got one.

However, the most notable change is Finka losing her fragmentation grenades, getting smokes instead. Maverick has also lost his grenades, getting three flashing grenades instead.

To read all the details and the full list of gun and attachment changes, check out Ubisoft's full Designer's Notes blogpost.

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