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XSET advance to Berlin Major semi-finals with win over Wolves Esports

North America lives on.

XSET have gone one step further than in Charlotte, as a victory over Wolves Esports has locked the final NAL team into a semi-final appearance.

Wolves have eliminated North America from the Berlin Major to guarantee an EU vs LATAM grand-final in their first playoff appearance since 2018.

Map 1 - Clubhouse

Wolves' map pick started off very hectic. For the entirety of the home side's defenses, rounds were either won close to flawlessly with players left in 1v5 positions or with clutches -- both of which XSET won.

After a tied half, Wolves managed another flawless round but the game became a lot closer. XSET were able to cut out Mowwwgli on Finka, while SpiriTz began to excel.

By round 11, Wolves tried adapting as Mowwwgli took P4's Ace, allowing P4 to play Zofia, but this was in vain as XSET won another almost flawless round.

Finally, on map point Wolves fell apart completely. After making no real dent in their opponents in the opening two and a half minutes, XSET sprayed them down as they neared the site.

Map 2 - Chalet

While Wolves have a negative record on Chalet, XSET had lost this map against Gaimin Gladiators B (the NA Challenger League team) last month, meaning both teams probably could have taken the win.

Once again it was XSET's clutch ability that gave them the lead, as XSET took an impressive 4-1 lead on the defense.

As the game went to series point at 6-3, Shiinka managed to get the opening kill before Mowwwgli was once again cut down. Despite Wolves' best player neutralised, the French roster brought the game to a 4v2 position before Shiinka won a 1v1 on time.

Finally, the game ended on a Kitchen defence as P4 was left in a 1v3 position. 

XSET will now play the winner of either G2 Esports or Rogue tomorrow for a spot in the grand-final.