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XDefiant dev promises plenty of content at launch

Mark Rubin has talked about post-launch plans briefly

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Even though a new release window for XDefiant was revealed a few days ago, the community is still waiting for a specific release date and launch details. The community has been patiently waiting for its arrival since the betas took place last year, and in the meantime, we have been receiving small updates from the developers themselves on X.

Most recently, Mark Rubin, one of the executive producers of the title, dropped a few small bits of information regarding the post-launch content of the game.

While replying to a few posts from fans on X, Mark Rubin revealed not only that the maps available at launch feel better but also that they are already working on so many that haven't been revealed.

"Honestly when I play XDefiant, the maps alone make it feel so much better. I seriously love our maps. And there are so many maps no one has seen yet," expressed the EP.

This is understandable since post-launch content is usually developed even before the release of a game. The interesting part is that Rubin also mentioned that between 10 to 12 maps are ready or close to being finished.

If you plan to play the game once it's out, you'll be happy to hear this as it is a sign that the game won't be abandoned after release. Although a roadmap was shared last year, we still don't know if the plans for post-launch content remain the same or will change in any way.

In case you haven't seen it, here is the roadmap for Year 1 of the game that was shared on June 2023:

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Communication from developers is scarce at the moment, and Rubin explained that it's simply because they are putting all of their focus on getting the game ready to launch.

Hopefully, we get an updated roadmap once a new release date is announced by the studio or something similar.

The game is slated to come out before March 31st, 2024, as revealed during Ubisoft's latest investor meeting, however, there is still not a specific release date and this release window is subject to change. So, the best we can do right now is to wait for an announcement from the official channels.

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