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Wolves Esports become first European team to qualify for Berlin Major

Wolves will attend their third Six Major in a row in Berlin, Germany.

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Banner image: Ubisoft/Eric Anamalay

Following their victory over NAVI today, as well as Team BDS’s failure to get three points against MNM Gaming, Wolves Esports have locked in a spot at next month’s Six Berlin Major.

Wolves currently have 18 points with a 6-0-0-1 record, giving them an unassailable top four with two play days remaining.

Wolves are the eighth team to lock in their qualification spot, following Astralis, the Soniqs, Oxygen, and XSET in North America, as well as DWG, SANDBOX, and Elevate in APAC. However, they still have two games left in the European League, and they’ll aim to beat BDS and Outsiders to cement their top-seeded position.

Previously, Wolves finished 9-12th at the Charlotte and Sweden Majors, and they will hope to improve upon this as spectator LANs return to Europe.

Below Wolves, it’s a very close race for second place with third and fourth placed Rogue and Heroic playing next.

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