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Will Rainbow Six Extraction have PvP?

Not likely.

R6 PvP

Rainbow Six Extraction is a tactical shooter that has teams of three taking down alien enemies and completing various challenges by working together. It sounds a bit similar to Siege in that way. But you'll soon realize that Extraction's enemies are AI, not other people playing from somewhere else in the region. 

Players looking to take on AI aliens will enjoy a break from Siege to focus on outsmarting a variety of alien species in Extraction. But fans of PvP have been wondering if Rainbow Six Extraction will ever feature enemies controlled by other players

Developers have not shared any updates that include PvP in Rainbow Six Extraction. The game is not meant to be similar to Siege in that aspect and is instead supposed to be about working with your team to overcome a variety of challenges and master various maps and strategies. 

Is Rainbow Six Extraction multiplayer?

Rainbow Six Extraction features teams of up to three operators. While you can play alone, it's not recommended. This strips you of a lot of the gameplay elements that make Extraction entertaining, including teamwork strategies and coming up with team compositions for certain situations. 

While you can't play against other humans, it's most definitely a game where you want other humans on your team. 

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