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Wildcard Gaming's Vincere announces retirement from competitive Siege

The longtime player cast doubts about the future of a full-time career in Oceania.

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Vincent "Vincere" Daniele today announced his retirement from competitive Rainbow Six Siege.

The Australian player had led Wildcard Gaming for almost two years, having signed with the team in Sep. 2020. However, despite his best efforts, Wildcard struggled and only were able to secure 13 wins across 41 APAC South games played.

"I have found that I no longer have the spark that made me the player I once was," said Vincere in a TwitLonger, citing the struggles he and his team faced in APAC South.

Vincere also highlighted uncertainty regarding the future of the Oceanic region and said that "it is becoming more apparent that a full-time career will be (most-likely) not possible".

There were some successes for him and his team, however, as they secured the Oceanic Nationals 2020 title, the Six November Major Oceania 2020, and won the Oceanic Championship Series 2022 in Stage 1.

While the APAC South season is not yet complete, Wildcard do not have any further matches next week. Each team in the league will only play six times in Stage 3, as there are only seven teams in the league after Chiefs ESC disbanded.

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