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Wildcard Gaming release Milostka, move Pat to sixth-man role

The struggling APAC South team has made a change.

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After two further stages of poor results, Wildcard Gaming have released Joseph "Milostka" Kaleske and moved Patrick "Pat" Wines to the sixth-man role.

While Pat was the IGL for Wildcard, both he and Milostka had a tough Stage 1 this year by SiegeGG Rating. Milostka improved in Stage 2, though Pat's numbers as an IGL continued to be low.

Wildcard have been long struggling in APAC South, however, and finished in eighth, sixth, and seventh in 2021. This required a defense of their APAC South slot in the relegation match. They were also in the fight against relegation in the Oceanic Nationals 2021.

Wildcard showed signs of improvement in 2022 initially and even won the Oceanic Championship Series in Stage 1 with a changed roster. But winning starts to Stages 1 and 2 in APAC South could not be converted and they are on course for another relegation fight after finishing in eighth and seventh.

This seems to have spurred them into action ahead of Stage 3, with potential replacements from Invictus Gaming and the now-disbanded Chiefs ESC available.

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