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When is the Operation Brutal Swarm Test Server coming out?

Operation Brutal Swarm is almost here!

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Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season, Operation Brutal Swarm, is just around the corner!

Operation Brutal Swarm will change how we play Rainbow Six Siege. It's a season of adaptation. Players will have to focus on adapting to a completely different meta, which will involve the change of weapon recoils and gun attachments.

On top of that, a new operator called Grim and a "new" map, Stadium Bravo, will be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege.

In a season with so many changes, players must adapt quickly -- and the best way to do so is by trying out the Test Server.

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When is the Operation Brutal Swarm Test Server coming out?

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Operation Brutal Swarm's Test Server will come out next week, from Aug. 22. From then, players will be able to try out all the brand-new features that are planned to be released with the upcoming season.

Players will be whilling to try out Grim, the new three-speed, one-health operator. Obviously, Stadium Bravo will be on the spotlight too, as that's possibly going to be the map all players will be looking forward to explore.

Can console players play Siege's Test Server?

Sadly, no. Console players have no access to the Test Server, as it's an exclusive feature for PC users.

So, in the case you are a console player, you will have to wait until the new season is released. Then, an obvious question emerges: when will the new season be released?

When will Operation Brutal Swarm be released?

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Operation Brutal Swarm will be released on Sep. 6. That's the first Tuesday of the month, which means players will have over two weeks to try out all the new features on the Test Server.

If you play the Test Server, it's very important that you send your feedback to Ubisoft. All thoughts are welcomed.

Keep in mind that developers use the players' feedback to change, introduce, or even reschedule planned updates for the game. So, if you find some kind of bug, or you think that Grim is overpowered, feel free to send your feedback to Ubisoft.

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