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When is Rainbow Six Mobile coming out?

Rainbow Six Mobile's Closed Alpha is coming soon.

After years of speculation, Ubisoft officially announced that Rainbow Six Mobile is underway. 

After fighting off fakes, it looks like Rainbow Six Mobile is aiming to be the only competitive close-quarters FPS on mobile. But when can fans expect to try it out? 

There have been hints at a looming mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege for quite some time. Then, prominent leaker Tom Henderson said on March 24 that fans could expect an official announcement on April 6, which would include a trailer. 

Turns out, he wasn't far off. 

Ubisoft announced on Twitter that Rainbow Six Mobile is in the works on April 5, just a day earlier than predicted. It also included a trailer. 

Ubisoft also launched an official website with more information on Rainbow Six Mobile. But the landing page didn't include details on when Rainbow Six Mobile would be released. 

But with the leaker being pretty accurate thus far, it's safe to say that the game will come out in 2023 as predicted. 

When is the Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha? 

An official blog post from developers stated that a test phase would begin shortly. No date has been given just yet except that it will be "this spring." 

The Alpha will be a work-in-progress version of Rainbow Six Mobile, offering a limited amount of players the chance to play the game and provide feedback and suggestions. Surveys will be handed out to all who participate in the Closed Alpha. 

Said developers: "Our goal with the Alpha is to have a limited sample of players testing key features such as core gameplay mechanics, server stability, and online infrastructure. During the test, our dev team will be gathering feedback and suggestions from the testers to help us improve the game experience before the launch. Your input is key to delivering the best player experience!"

Register to the Alpha to be on the list for future testing opportunities and early access to updates.