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What are weekly challenges in Operation Demon Veil?

Completing challenges will help you at completing the Battle Pass quicker!

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Operation Demon Veil has given us a new operator, and much more brand new content the community has welcomed with open arms.

Despite the list being quite long this time, one of the most attractive things to check out is the new operation Battle Pass. It features many different cosmetics, including the new Bravo Packs — packs that don't include duplicates!. It really is worth giving it a try... and completing it.

With 100 Tiers, we are sure you might have problems finishing it in time. It can be tough, especially if you can't spend much time in front of the screen playing. We understand.

A way to end the Battle Pass quicker than anybody else is inside the same Battle Pass, and it's by completing the weekly challenges.

What is a weekly challenge in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Battle Pass weekly challenges are objectives set by the game that award you 850 Battle Pass points for each completed challenge.

Keep in mind that a Battle Pass tier is made of 1,000 Battle Pass points, so completing these is important and makes a huge difference at the end of the season. However, you will have to be consistent and not miss out on them.

You can check the progress of your challenges and more by clicking on the Battle Pass icon and heading to the "Challenges" section.

What are this week's weekly challenges in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Each week, Ubisoft gives players three personal objectives. Also, a community challenge drops in the Battle Pass every two weeks. While the personal challenges are those that can be completed by yourself, the community challenges are those unlocked by the community as a whole.

Regarding the personal challenges, that's different for every player. However, community challenges are the same for everyone as all players contribute to reaching the goal.

This is the community challenge for the first week of Operation Demon Veil Battle Pass:

Community challenge

Week 1

Eliminate opponents - Eliminate 100,000,000 opponents

Keep on checking out this article for more information on the Battle Pass challenges, as we will update it once more community challenges drop in the game.

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