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Warzone guru uncovers overlooked MW2 assault rifle ideal for Resurgence

Is this MW2 assault rifle about to dominate?

Warzone STB 556 assault rifle on background of blurred Call of Duty player

A Warzone extraordinaire has uncovered an assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2 that has the potential to dominate Resurgence matches.

When Modern Warfare 3 integrated into Call of Duty's battle royale, players loading into the action were quick to master the new selection of weaponry resulting in a huge shift in the meta. As the focus moves towards the start of Season 5, some are starting to realize the arsenal from 2022's release can still contend with the best guns.

The weapon that's managed to fly under the radar for so long is the STB 556. Despite its lack of popularity, the rifle packs a deadly punch in mid-range combat.

To showcase its incredible firepower, Warzone content creator WhosImmortal reveals the STB 556 possesses a "crazy" time to kill (TTK) ideal for the smaller Warzone maps.

The content creator shared more details in a July 4th upload: "The STB, despite being an MW3 gun, actually has a crazy good TTK in every damage range."

WhosImmortal continues revealing the STB 556 is an "incredibly versatile" assault rifle thanks to its ability to perform well at all distances. While it can dominate Resurgence matches, the rifle is one of the least-used weapons in the entirety of Warzone.

According to WZStats, the STB 556's pick rate in Season 4 Reloaded is 0.63%. Compared to the Superi 46's pick rate of 5.18%, it's surprising to see so many players sleeping on the STB 556.

The impressive performance of the STB 556 is no surprise as several content creators have previously highlighted its strengths in previous seasons. Somehow, the rifle has never captured the imagination of the wider player base that continues to utilize the Modern Warfare 3 arsenal to build the strongest loadouts.

With Raven Software continuing to apply buffs and nerfs to the popular weapons, there's every chance the STB 556 climbs the ranks and makes a lasting impact on the meta.

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