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w7m esports benches GdNN1

The BR6 leaders have made a surprise change.

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Banner image: Ubisoft / @KonkolMichal

W7m esports has benched Gleidson "GdNN1" Nunes ahead of the start of Stage 3. Known as one of the best supports currently in the game, GdNN1 had the most number of defuser plants in Stage 2 of the BR6 and at the Major.

As of now, there's very little information about why w7m have decided to bench him and who's going to replace the player.

Minutes after the organization's announcement, GdNN1 released a TwitLonger talking about the situation in Portuguese.

"I hope from the bottom of my heart that they never feel the feeling of conquering something and losing it in the blink of an eye regardless of failures and successes," he wrote.

The player also wrote he feels "at peace" with his exit from w7m as he "dedicated [himself] 200%" to the team.

"My previous departures from other teams I agreed as I was erring a lot, but I always learn from mistakes," he continued.

It's still unclear if GdNN1 is going to be part of the upcoming stage of the Brasileirao, but he did not rule out the possibility.

W7m esports are currently in first of the overall standings in Brazil and have almost guaranteed themselves a spot for the upcoming Six Invitational after qualifying for the first two Majors of the year.

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