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Valorant's community disappointed with Skye's massive nerf, agent to go useless after 8.01 update

Skye fans, do yourselves a favor and look away.

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In Valorant, when an agent is overpowered, you must master their loadout to get the best out of it. With time, you'll also learn how to counter it. To succeed, you must adapt to the needs of the game. That's how every FPS works.

However, there's always that day when all the alarms are triggered: information regarding a potential nerf is leaked. Yes, the agent you once hated but now abuse to win is getting tweaked. How convenient, right?

Well, this is what's happening with Skye. Since her buffs in Valorant's 5.12 update, the agent has gone through multiple nerfs. Nothing could kill her, until now.

Skye is getting nerfed in Valorant's 8.01 patch

Skye has been severely nerfed in Valorant's 8.01 patch. From now on, her Guiding Light won't regenerate charges during the round. Moreover, her Guiding Light will automatically be activated at the end of the flash's lifetime. If that wasn't enough, Skye's Ultimate Seekers will show warning indicators to her targets.

Following these tweaks, the community's words to describe Skye's future in the game aren't positive at all: "RIP Skye" or "Skye Dead" are some of the top replies.

Additionally, those players who once complained about Skye being broken are now complaining about the nerfs. Valorant will never be a happy place!

Skye's nerf comes three weeks before VCT kicks off

Skye's nerf changes it all: professional players must now adapt to the new meta three weeks before the start of VCT.

Community-wise, Skye needed a nerf. She could do it all, from healing to gathering information to attacking her enemies. However, having to restructure every strategy planned for VCT is a pain in the neck.

While most of the professional players have complained about the huge Skye nerf, others have pointed out that she wasn't the only broken operator: Gekko should be in the debate too.

Unfortunately for the agent, Gekko hasn't been played a lot in Valorant. However, with Skye's nerf, this could change soon. It will be interesting to see how professional players adapt to these changes heading to the upcoming season of Valorant esports.

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